Do you need some comedies for relaxing now? The post is for those who are looking for comedy videos on YouTube. It lists YouTube free comedy movies and stand-up comedies and shows you how to download them with MiniTool uTube Downloader.

YouTube Comedy

We live in an era where we face all kinds of pressures, such as study pressure, work pressure, economic pressure, and more. They sometimes make us feel so down and even hard to fall asleep and breathe.

In this situation, you can choose to watch some comedies. When watching them, your smiling expression will go back on your face and it will relieve physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. Furthermore, you might have new hope for this world after watching them.

If you have no satisfying comedy, you can watch one on YouTube. On this video-sharing platform, you can find all kinds of video contents, ranging from wake up music to ocean sounds for sleeping and comedy to documentary. In this post, I gather the best YouTube comedy, including comedy movies and stand-up comedy. You can watch them when you are depressed or want to kill the time.

YouTube Free Comedy Movies

In this part, I list the different kinds of YouTube comedy movies, including romantic remedy, action comedy, animate comedy, and more. Pick one of them that attracts you.

Mr. Bones 2: Back from the Past

Sequel to Mr. Bones, Mr. Bones 2: Back from the Past was released in 2008. Although 12 years have passed by, the comedy movie keeps its charm and never gets old.

The story of the movie takes place in 1879. Mr. Bones (a royal witch doctor) travels 130 years into the future, in the city of Durban (a city in South Africa), to cure his King Hekule who is controlled by the Kunji Balanadia’s spirit.

The future journey includes lots of funny comedy scenes. If you wonder how funny it could be, please go to YouTube website or app to search for the free comedy movie on YouTube right now.

Ice Age

Ice Age movies are one of the best animate comedies of all time. The first Ice Age movie was released in 2002. The four sequel movies were released in 2006, 2009, 2012, and 2016 respectively.

The Ice Age movies show how the ancient animals (the mammoth Manny, the sloth Sid, the saber-tooth Diago) dealt with the disasters two million years ago. Aside from this, you will see a persevering squirrel always chases after a pinecone.

You can also watch the Ice Age movies with your kids and your kids will gain some knowledge about the extinct animals. By the way, if your kids like watching videos on YouTube, you can take advantage of YouTube Kids to keep them off the videos that are unsuitable for them.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday

It is a pity if you have not watched Mr. Bean’s Holiday. In 2007, this movie came out. The nearly 13-year-old film was filled with the silly and funny acts done by Rowan Atkinson and this why it is still loved by people in 2020.

The story revolves around Mr. Bean winning a tour ticket to France. The journey does not go as planned but Mr. Bean tackled the unfortunate coincidences in a funny way. If you want to learn about his solutions, watch the free comedy movie on YouTube. 

Rumble in the Bronx

Have you ever heard Jackie Chen? He is a famous Chinese martial art. Rumble in the Bronx is one of his most important masterpieces as this file helped Chen successfully enter the North American market and establish his status as an international superstar.

The film told the story of Hong Kong police Ma Hanqiang fighting gangsters in New York, USA and it is uploaded to YouTube this year. If you are interested in the superstar, it is worth watching this comedy movie.

Second Act

Second Act is a 2018 America romantic film directed by Peter Segal and it stars Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens, and more, and follows a woman in her 40s who pursues a second chance at a corporate career, after a friend creates her a fake resume and credentials.

Since its publication in 2018, it has received mixed reviews from critics. The file indeed has some clichés but you can choose to watch it on YouTube if you want something light and funny.

More Than a Secretary

More Than a Secretary is the oldest YouTube comedy in this post. This movie is a 1936 American romantic comedy film made by Columbia Pictures directed by Alfred E. Green. The story of the film was adapted by Ethel Hill and Aben Kandel, based on the magazine story Safari in Manhattan by Matt Taylor. Its main plot was a health magazine secretary who is in love with her boss.

3 Idiots

3 Idiots is a classic Indian comedy-drama film directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The comic film records the friendship of three students at an Indian engineering college and a satire about the social pressure under an Indian education system.

Bad Parants

Bad Parents is the last YouTube comedy I want to introduce. This comedy file was written and directed by Caytha Jentis and starring Janeane Garofalo. The file humorously shows New Jersey soccer moms becoming obsessed with their children’s role in the sport. They stop at nothing to ensure their daughters get the playing time and training to make it to the top.

YouTube Stand-up Comedies

In this part, I will share the best stand-up comedians and their comedies on YouTube with you. What is stand-up comedy? Stand-up comedy is a comic style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, usually speaking directly to them.

I Walked on the Moon by Brian Regan

The first stand-up comedian I want to introduce to you is Brain Regan. The comedian focuses on everyday events, such as shipping a package with UPS, mortgages, and visits to the optometrist, and uses observational, sarcastic, and self-deprecating humor in his performance. His performances are clean as he refrains from profanity and off-color humor.

I Walked on the Moon is his first comedy album overall. If you want to see how hilarious he is, you can watch the stand-up comedy on YouTube. The duration of the comedy is about 55 minutes.

Life’s Better When You’re Fat by Josh Sneed

Josh Sneed is a national comedian who has had multiple appearances on Comedy Central, including his own comedy special. If you choose to watch his comedy Life’s Better When You’re Fat, you will see this guy is extremely funny and goes from joke to joke with great smoothness and his set is flawless.

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Failing Out of Kindergarten by Dennis Regan

What’s your opinion of failing out of kindergarten? If you think that is hard, you have not met Dennis Regan yet! Dennis Regan, the old brother of stand-up comedian Brain Regan, has a similar comedic style to his brother and mostly relies on observational comedy.

Like his young brother, Dennis Regan also refrains from using off-color humor and earns somewhat of a reputation as a “clean comic”, enjoyed by families.

Hot Pockets by Jim Gaffigan

James Gaffigan is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, as well as producer. His comedy topics are often about fatherhood, observations, laziness, and food. He is also regarded as a clean comic, adopting little profanity in his routines.

In the stand-up comedy, he talks about Hot Pockets that is an American brand of microwaveable turnovers generally containing one or more types of cheese, meat, or vegetables.

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The post lists some best free comedies on YouTube, including comedy movies and stand-up comedies. They make me laugh non-stop. If you are unhappy or want to kill the time, you can watch them on YouTube.Click to Tweet

Download YouTube Comedy

If you like my picks and want to watch them offline, you can use MiniTool uTube Downloader to save the comedy movies or stand-up comedies on YouTube on your computer with a few clicks.

The YouTube downloader is completely free and 100% clean and it can help you download a YouTube video as MP4 format, MP3 format, and more.

Here I show you how to save YouTube video as MP4 format with the program.

Step 1: Download MiniTool uTube Downloader and install it on your computer.

MiniTool uTube DownloaderClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2: On the interface of the program, please type the comedy name in the search bar. Then, click the video you want and click the Download icon at the top.

click the Download icon

Step 3: You will get a popping-up window where you can choose to dwonload the video as MP4, MP3, and WebM. Here you should choose MP4 and click the DOWNLOAD option.

download YouTube video as MP4 format

When the downloading process comes to an end, you can watch the YouTube comedey offline.

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I Want Your Voice

Comedy is subjective, so you may not agree with my picks. If you have any other great comedies on YouTube, please share them with other readers by leaving the comedy name in the following comment zone.

If you like the shared YouTube comedies and want to watch them offline on a Windows PC, please try MiniTool, uTube Downloader to save them on your computer. You can contact us via [email protected] if you run into some issues when downloading the comedies from YouTube with the program.

YouTube Comedy FAQ

What are some good free comedy movies on YouTube?

You can watch the following free comedy movies on YouTube:

  • Bones 2: Back from the Past;
  • Ice Age;
  • Bean’s Holiday;
  • Rumble in the Bronx;
  • Second Act;
  • More Than a Secretary;
  • 3 Idiots;
  • Bad Parants.
How to download comedy movies from YouTube?

To download comedy movies from YouTube to a Windows PC, you can try MiniTool uTube Downloader. With it, you can accomplish the downloading process with a few clicks:

  • Find the comedy movie you want to download;
  • Once find it, click the Download icon;
  • Select the file format and then click the DOWNLOAD

If you want to save the comedy movies to devices, such as mobile phones, you can follow the tutorials in the post.

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