Does the question — How to become a YouTuber — always come across your mind? Becoming a YouTuber not only helps you earn money and fame, but also help others. In this post, MiniTool discuses how to be a YouTuber.

YouTube showed up in 2005. With 15 years passing by, there are mountains of YouTubers. They upload videos to YouTube and these videos bring money and fame to them. Want to become one of them in 2021? If you nod in front of your computer screen, keep reading the post and it shows you how to be a YouTube — a successful YouTuber.

How to Become a Youtuber

Here I offer you a checklist that could help you become a successful YouTuber. Now, let’s see what you need to do.

# 1: Choose Your Niche

How to become a YouTuber? Choosing a niche is the first thing you need to concern about. You can choose the niches according to your interests (like food, makeup, etc..) or your expertise. Once you decide on what niches you want to focus on, it is worth consistently producing connect in those niches as the consistency will make it easier to attract viewers who are interested in your content.

If you have no idea about the niches, please refer to the following recommended article for some inspiration.

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# 2: Prepare Equipment You Need

equipment for YouTubers

After deciding what type of content you will make, you should figure out what equipment you need. The equipment you adopt can determine the quality of videos you make.

Generally, as a YouTuber, you need to invest in the following devices.

Computer (especially a desktop computer): A computer should have decent speed and specs. Otherwise, editing videos might be frustrating. Needed computer specs for video editing are as follows.

  • Good CPU (preferably with four or more processor cores);
  • Plenty of RAM;
  • A powerful graphics card;
  • A fast and powerful storage (SSD).

So, check your computer specs and make sure that can keep up with your needs.

Video editing software: It is necessary to invest in video editing software that has the basic features to do what you want to do.

Camera: Most beginners tend to use the smartphone camera for vlogging. However, smartphone camera is not as powerful as a camera in terms of video shooting. If you are a green hand at choosing a camera, you can consider the 5 best cameras for YouTube.

Microphone: Microphone is also quite important if you have something to say in your videos. With the device, your voice is clear. It is not suggested that you insist on using the built-in laptop mic as your voice might be not clear and there might be some noise when using it, leaving a bad first impression on your audiences.

# 3: Set a Schedule (Be a Weekly Vlogger)

It is wise to have a consistent schedule that helps you maintain consistency. Furthermore, your subscribers can count on you for new videos on the scheduled dates.

You do not have to post your videos daily as you might get overwhelmed quickly if you do that. Become a weekly vlogger! Once you get more acquainted with the schedule, you can start increasing your output.

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# 4: Brainstorm Content Ideas

Now you have niches and equipment and have decided when to upload your videos to YouTube weekly. It is time to think about your video content.

You can come up with your brainstorm of ideas of video that you can make based on your interests. Or you can also watch the successful videos related to your niches.

After uploading a video you make to YouTube, you can get inspiration from your audiences’ comments. Once you have more than 10,000 subscribers, you can interact with your subscribers and audience in the YouTube Community tab, which can help you figure out what they like.

# 5: Create & Prompt Your YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is at the fifth place in the “how to become a YouTuber” checklist. If you have created a channel, you can try to promote it by changing its name and description or other ways.

# 6: Upload Your YouTube Videos and Read the Comments

Your YouTube channel has been created and it is time to share your videos on YouTube with others. Before you upload your videos to the platform, please spend some minutes learning about YouTube upload limit to ensure the uploading process goes smoothly.

After loading, please observe how people are responding to it — what they like and what they dislike. Pay attention to their comments and you can improve your next video based on them. To understand how your video manages to attract the audience, you can try YouTube Analytics. This can also help you create much better videos.

Final Words

The article about how to become a successful YouTuber comes to an end. In this article, 6 things you need to do to achieve this goal have been mentioned. If you have any questions after reading, please let us know by leaving a comment in the following comment zone and we will reply to you ASAP.

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