Can’t fall asleep? If so, you can try to listen to the ocean sounds on YouTube. Why are these sounds helpful? Are any recommended ocean sounds on YouTube? How to save them on different devices? Read the post where MiniTool answers all the questions.

Why Do Ocean Sounds Help Humans Fall Asleep?

How about your sleep quality? Can’t fall asleep due to work or study pressure? An insomniac night is extremely terrible for those who need to put lots of energy into hard work and study in next day.

To get rid of insomnia, you can use your favorite fragrance sub in bed or pillow and listen to some relaxing music. Here I will focus on oceans sounds and explain why these sounds can help you fall asleep.

Our brains have a threat-activated vigilance system. Orfeu Buxton, an associate professor of biobehavioral health at Pennsylvania State University, said that the slow and whooshing noises are the sounds of non-threats that can calm people. So, when you hear the crash of ocean waves, the system will regard it as non-threats and we fall asleep.

YouTube ocean sounds

YouTube Ocean Sounds for Sleep

How to find these ocean sounds? You can search them on YouTube where lots of videos record the ocean sounds. Here I share some best relaxing YouTube ocean sounds with you.

The Gentle Sounds of the Sea in Afternoon

You can imagine that this is a warm afternoon and that the sun is going to hide in the mountains. The relaxing sounds of the small breaking waves will invite you to fall asleep in no time.

Healing Songs of Dolphins & Whales

Do you like dolphins or whales? Hear wales and dolphins interacting with each other in the underwater world. Drift away into tour own mind and enter a meditative state.

Tropical Island Beach Ambience Sound

This is a shiny morning. The waves and birds are taking to each other in a distant tropical island of the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii Ocean Waves White Noise

The ocean sounds from this YouTube video are favored by lots of audiences. Here are some comments from them:

  • This sound of waves is a comfortable and incomparable performance to me. I am immersed in pleasure while listening to this sound and watching this scenery.
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YouTube Comment Formatting – Being Bold, Italic, or More

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These ocean sounds are quite gentle and relaxing. It seems that the ocean is telling her story to you and share her happiness with you. Have a try.

Ocean Sounds Download from YouTube

Want to download these relaxing these ocean sounds as MP3 from YouTube? If so, you can read the following article that shows you how to turn the YouTube URL to MP3 with ease.

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If you want to save YouTube videos on different devices, you can read this post.

Other Relaxing Nature Sounds

Apart from ocean sounds, you can also listen to other relaxing nature sounds when you are working, exercising, or doing chores. Read the following post where MiniTool lists 7 good channels on YouTube about the relaxing nature sounds.

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Get the Sound of Nature on YouTube from These 7 Channels!

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