Due to the breakout of coronavirus, restaurants are forced to close and supermarket are stripped and therefore people have to cook meals by themselves. In this post, MiniTool introduces some best YouTube cooking videos and you can watch them cooking and then make great meals for yourself or your families.

During the special period, the views on cooking videos on YouTube soar. According to YouTube, average daily views on videos with “cook with me” in the title have more than doubled since March 15. Are you watching cooking videos on YouTube these days?

In this post, I would like to share some YouTube channels of cooking for adults and kids. You can refer to them when you want to cook meals for yourself or you can let your kids watch them, which might divert their attention from TV shows or games to cooking.

# NYT Cooking

Speaking best YouTube cooking videos, NYT Cooking or New York Times Cooking should be on the list. From class recipes, like macaroni and chess, to trendy ones, the videos of this channel provide an intimate step-by-step look at techniques and offer ingredient substitutions if you do not have something already stocked in your kitchen.

NYT Cooking

# Sorted Food

Sorted Food is a London-based channel with 2.4 million subscribers. This channel provides regular video content with a skew towards entertainment, inspiration and education in food and cooking content. In the video, you will see 5 co-hosts in the video, some of whom are designated as chefs who have been professionally trained and the left are designated as normal who are home cooks.

Sorted Food

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# Binging with Babish

The creator of this channel is a self-default chef who eventually quit his full-time job to focus on making cooking videos.

He wins his fame for things like Krabby Patties and Ram-Don from Parasite. In his video, he not only teaches how to cook a meal, but also focuses on kitchen basics, including pantry stocking, knife skills, and roasting a chicken.

Binging with Babish

# Rosanna Pansino

The queen of cooking, Rosanna Pansion, teaches you how to make cakes in different shapes, like a castle, Disney princess, and so on. You can make cakes with your families by following the instructions in the videos of this channel. During the procedure, the anxiety caused by the coronavirus storm might disappear. Furthermore, eating desserts can make us happy.

Rosanna Pansino

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# Miniature Space

If you are seeking the best YouTube cooking videos for kids, you can go to the YouTube channel Miniature Space. As the channel name implies, everything is miniature, like teeny tiny cast-iron skillets and teeny tiny stove.

The tininess of the food makes it even more appetizing. You can play the video of this channel for your kids and see if they would like to have a try.

Miniature Space

# The Bow Girls

There are two precocious young sisters, Briena and Britney in the videos of this channel and they might be at the same age as your kids and therefore your kids might be more willing to have a try. Furthermore, the videos offer slow, step-by-step demonstrations that make the recipes easy for your kids to replicate.

The BOW Girls

My share of the best YouTube cooking videos comes to an end. Follow the instructions of the chiefs in these videos and one day you can be a great cook in your family.

If you have some great dishes and want to share them with others on YouTube, you can have a try. Sharing superb recipes with others is one of the happiest things in the world. If you do not know how to share, please read the following recommended article that shows you how to become a successful YouTuber.

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If you want to save the best cooking videos from YouTube to your device, you can read the post.

Lastly, I hope the virus can be eliminated as soon as possible and we can be safe and sound in the storm.

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