You may want to be a YouTuber and you also want YouTube users to subscribe to your YouTube channel. So, you are looking for hot YouTube channel ideas. In this MiniTool post, we will introduce 10 popular YouTube video ideas that can help you attract more subscribers.

YouTube has become a popular way to share and view videos. Perhaps, you have the idea to create a YouTube channel to let more people see your videos. Here, we will show you 10 popular YouTube channel ideas that can help you attract more subscribers.

1. Vlogging

If you want to start a YouTube channel, Vlogging is a proper beginning because it doesn’t need you to prepare any extra equipment except a device that has a camera for you to capture videos. You just need to speed time taking videos about your lives, thoughts, or anything you want to share with each other.

We have to say that many YouTube users like to see Vlogging. This is really a good YouTube video idea.

2. Gaming

A lot of people like to play video games and it is amazing that they also like to watch other people play games. Some famous game players create a YouTube channel to share online game playing.

For example, Markiplier is a popular YouTuber and it has over 25 million subscribers till now. This is its introduction: “Welcome to Markiplier! Here you’ll find some hilarious gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other bits of entertainment! If this sounds like your kind of channel then please Subscribe Today!”

YouTube users can watch gaming videos to learn how to play better or just entertain themselves.

3. Cooking

All of us can’t survive without food. More and more people are in pursuit of higher quality food and they prefer to cook food by themselves. Recipes along with lists of ingredients and step-by-step instructions are welcomed.

Besides, the cooking channel can be divided into different levels like simple, difficult, and expert. You can also introduce some recipes according to users’ requirements.

4. Product Reviews

Unboxing videos are also very popular these days. You can introduce what you get from a product. This product can be a popular product. It can also be an emerging product that has huge market potential.

The product prospective consumers often search for the comments and trial reports online and then decide to buy it or not. These are the contents you need to add to your unboxing videos.

5. Traveling

Most people would like to watch traveling videos because these videos can take them to a place where they never go or a familiar place that can bring back their sweet memories. Viewers may also find new spots from a traveling video.

Perhaps, one viewer doesn’t know how to spend his/her holiday. After watching your videos, he/she knows.

6. Fitness

At present, people are increasingly concerned about their health. Fitness and exercise are main topics. If you are also a fitness enthusiast, you can share your fitness experience using YouTube.

It is really a good YouTube channel/video idea to share your fitness and exercise experience in the form of video. They can tell people how to do and what they can get from your fitness videos.

7. Education

Education is also a very popular topic. People are always looking for better ways to improve themselves. Parents are always looking for quality educational resources for their kids. If you have these kinds of resources, you can create a YouTube channel and share them on YouTube.

It is a good place to show your skills.

8. Music

Do you have some musical talent? If yes, you can share your talent on YouTube. You can win a lot of praise. You can also share your valuable music resources with each other. We believe that these things can bring you many subscribers.

9. Makeup

No matter you are female or male, you may concern about your beauty. Beauty is a wide range. It includes makeup, hair, skincare, fashion, and other related elements. If you are a fashion queen, why not share your experience on YouTube.

10. Pets

You may don’t want to show up on the video. Don’t worry. If you have dogs, cats, or other pets, you can shoot them instead. Your cute pets can, of course, attract many attentions.

These are the top 10 YouTube channel ideas. Of course, there are some other hot YouTube video ideas like news, animation, lifestyle, etc. If the videos you upload refer to different topics, you can even create multiple YouTube channels to classify them.

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