In this post from MiniTool, we have recommended several YouTube subscriber trackers for you to check your YouTube subscriber count.

YouTube Subscriber Trackers

After you upload stunning videos to YouTube, perhaps you will gain some subscribers. Tracking how many subscribers your YouTube channels have is quite essential to reach success. However, how to know the YouTube subscriber count?  And how to check YouTube subscriber growth?

You can check your YouTube subscribers via YouTube Studio. Even though YouTube allows you to check who your subscribers are, keeping track of the subscriber count in real time requires the use of subscriber trackers. You need a YouTube subscriber tracker to help you.

The following are the best YouTube subscriber trackers:

#1. Social Blade

Social Blade is one of the most popular YouTube subscriber trackers to monitor the ever-changing count of subscribers. When you use Social Blade, you just have to enter the name of a channel and then the result will generate automatically.

Then, you will get the total number of videos, views, and likes a channel has. Social Blade is available on App Store or Google Play Store, or you can install its browser extension on Firefox and Chrome.

#2. YT Count

YT Count is a simple and easy-to-use YouTube subscriber tracker. It has a direct interface and can be said to be cross-platform. It offers a mobile app and a web version so that you can use it on your iOS or Android device and browser. YT Count provides you with real-time information about a channel and the channel’s past history.

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#3. YouCount

YouCount is another simple YouTube channel subscriber tracker, which provides real-time number count, and refreshes itself automatically. All you need to enter is the username of a channel. In addition to this, you can also enter the channel’s URL, and name of the channel or search to find the channel you want to track.

#4. YouTube Subscriber Counter

Next, let’s have a look at YouTube Subscriber Counter. It doesn’t require a login or registration in order to track the subscriber count in real time. You need to provide the username or URL of the channel first. Then, it will offer the subscriber count and the number of likes and views a channel has.

However, it isn’t available on an iOS device, so you can only use it on the official website or Android app.

#5. Live Counts

Live Counts is another easy-to-use YouTube subscriber tracker for you. Similarly, you can use it without the need to log in or register. It’s a web-based tool, and you just access the site and type the channel name or address in the search bar. It may be not friendly to those who what to know other data such as the number of views and videos created. Because that just displays the subscriber count in real time.

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#6. FreeWebTools

FreeWebTools is an easy-to-use and popular YouTube subscriber-tracking tool for beginners.  It’s worth mentioning that the most notable feature is Favorite Channels. It means that you can add channels you’d like to monitor constantly to your favorites so that it’s easier and quicker to check next time. Moreover, you can check some additional information, such as the number of views, comments, and videos.

#7. Influencer MarketingHub

Influencer MarketingHub is trying to offer a simple service for users. Its interface is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. With Influencer MarketingHub, it’s easy to track the YouTube subscriber count by entering the name of the channel.

#8. Akshatmittal

With the help of Akshatmittal, it’s easy to get accurate subscriber information. This doesn’t require a login or password yet. Channel username, channel ID, and URL are all search terms you can use on Akshatmittal. Next, you will gain how many views, comments, and videos a channel has.

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The 8 best YouTube subscriber trackers are listed in the above article. Regardless of which YouTube subscriber tracker you use, all of them are easy to use and free of charge.

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