This post from MiniTool tells you what Creator Music on YouTube is, more detailed information about it, and why should you use YouTube Creator Music.

What Is YouTube Creator Music

In 2013, YouTube launched the YouTube Audio Library, which is available to all YouTube users. It offers a large selection of free production music and sound effects. However, many creators complain that some music is offered by unknown music artists.

Then, YouTube announced several big updates at the Made YouTube Event on September 20, 2022, including a revamped YouTube Partner Program, and Shorts monetization features. A big change is the YouTube Creator Music hub.

YouTube has launched Creator Music after a lengthy beta period, a new platform within YouTube Creator Studio designed for providing creators with licensed music to use for their long-form videos.

Creator Music is described by YouTube as the following: a new platform that offers video creators easy access to an ever-growing catalog of music for use in their videos while providing music artists, record labels, or copyright owners with a new revenue source for their music on YouTube.

With Creator Music, YouTube Creators can browse and use high-quality and mainstream music in their videos without losing monetization even if it’s copyrighted.

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Songs Licenses in Creator Music on YouTube

On YouTube Creator Music, you need to purchase song licenses, which are available for use in YouTube videos only. Besides, a song license can only be used in a single video. To apply the same song in other videos, you need to buy a license for other videos. YouTube promises that the song’s license will be reasonable and affordable.

There are three types of song licenses now in Creator Music on YouTube. Check them below.

Free songs license:

Some songs on YouTube Creator Music are free to use. Creators can use them in any type of video. And some songs are only free to use in non-commercial videos.

Paid songs license:

Except for free songs, many songs are available by purchase. You need to buy the song license. Different songs have different prices. The price of each song is determined according to the music artists, record labels, copyright owners, and other aspects.

Revenue Share Song license

For creators who have a limited budget and don’t want to pay for it, they can choose to share ad revenue with music artists, record labels, or copyright owners. In this way, the revenue brought by their videos will share with others.


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How to Access Creator Music on YouTube

However, this platform is now only accessible to some users who are YouTube Partner Program (YPP) creators in the US, which means the majority of users can’t use it. And it will gradually expand to more users.

If you can access Creator Music on YouTube, click on YouTube Studio, and then you will see Creator Music in the left panel.

There are three tabs on Creator Music. First, on the Home tab, you can scroll through it to find tracks by Featured collections, Moods, and Genre. To find specific tracks, use the search bar to do it.

Secondly, On the Browse tab, you can select tracks by Genre, Mood, Vocals, BPM, Duration, and Price. When you are browsing, you can preview the song.

Then, the third tab is Your Library, where you can see your Saved, Download, and Licensed tracks.

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Why Use YouTube Creator Music

After knowing more about YouTube Creator Music, why should you use it?

As we mentioned before, Creator Music offers a solution to license music for YouTube video creators without worrying about copyright. In addition, it provides more options when creators select music for their videos because it has a huge music library. Furthermore, it will help grow your YouTube audience.


In a word, we explain detailed information about YouTube Creator Music. It’s nice to see YouTube is finding ways to help creators earn more revenue. Expect it will expand to more users quickly.

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