What is Ambient mode on YouTube? This post from the MiniTool web page will give you an introduction to YouTube Ambient mode and how to use this mode on the YouTube desktop app and mobile app.

What Is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

YouTube has been dedicated to promoting user-watching experiences. On October 22, 2022, it introduced a new feature called Ambient mode that gives users a more immersive feel while watching videos.

YouTube Ambient mode is available on the desktop version of YouTube and the mobile app in a dark theme.

This feature casts colors from the video you’re watching onto the background of your video player window and splashes them around your screen’s background with a gradient texture

YouTube Ambient mode is dynamic. It means if your video color changes, the glow around the video will also change. This feature only works in dark mode.

In other words, the Ambient mode on YouTube is an updated dark mode, and users will be more directly attracted to the video content.

Along with the Ambient mode, YouTube also launched the pinch-to-zoom feature that allows users to zoom in on or out of the video.

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How to Turn on Ambient Mode on YouTube?

How to turn on Ambient mode on YouTube? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Please keep in mind that the YouTube Ambient mode only works in the dark mode and before using Ambient mode on the YouTube mobile app, make sure that you’ve updated your YouTube to the latest version.

How to Turn on Ambient Mode on YouTube Desktop?

Step 1. Open your browser and go to the YouTube website.

Step 2. Click your profile picture at the upper right corner, click Appearance from the list, and choose Dark theme.

enable dark mode

Alternatively, you can choose Use device theme if your computer is already in dark mode.

Step 3. When you open a video on YouTube, click the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the video, and click the Ambient mode switch to turn it on.

enable Ambient mode

Now, you can watch YouTube videos in Ambient mode. It’s really cool.

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How to Turn on Ambient Mode on YouTube Mobile App?

Step 1. Open the YouTube app on your Android phone or iPhone/iPad.

Step 2. Tap your profile picture and select Settings > General > Appearance.

If your device’s version is under Android 10 or iOS 13, you should click Settings > Appearance.

Step 3. From the Appearance menu, choose Dark theme and you’ll enable the dark mode on your YouTube app.

Step 4. Find a video and open it. Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner, and click Ambient mode to turn it on.

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How to Turn off Ambient Mode on YouTube?

Well, it’s simple to turn off Ambient mode on YouTube. When you watch a video, you can disable the Ambient mode from Settings. If you open another video and click the Setting icon, you’ll find the Ambient is disabled too even if your YouTube is still in dark mode.

Alternatively, you can change your YouTube theme from dark to light. If you click the Settings icon of your video, there will be no Ambient mode.


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Ambient mode on YouTube creates an immersive viewing experience for users and highlights the video content on the screen. This mode is only available in the dark theme.

Now, you can follow the above steps to use YouTube Ambient mode to enjoy your favorite videos.

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