The short-form videos are so popular, and many people spend lots of time on these videos on TikTok. Due to that, YouTube rolled out YouTube Shorts, a feature that allows creators to make and upload short-form videos to YouTube to compete with TikTok. Well, is YouTube Shorts better than TikTok? Follow the post from MiniTool uTube Downloader to see YouTube Shorts vs TikTok.

YouTube Shorts and TikTok both provide a huge amount of short-form videos, and there is fierce competition between them and a highly discussed debate: YouTube Shorts vs TikTok.

What Is YouTube Shorts?

Surprised by the huge success TikTok has made, in late 2020, YouTube introduced the YouTube Shorts feature in beta version. Since then, creators can create and upload short-form videos to YouTube when using the YouTube app.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok, a short-form video creating platform owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, domains the short-form video market. On this platform, people can create their videos with the most popular music and fantastic filters and effects, and these videos are available for lots of people.

Well, is YouTube Shorts better than TikTok? This is discussed below.

YouTube Shorts vs TikTok

The following lists the similarities and differences between YouTube Shorts and TikTok.

YouTube Shorts vs TikTok: Similarities

Apparently, the first common is that YouTube Shorts and TikTok are both for short-form video content. Besides, both allow creators to directly create and upload this kind of video, and to make money with this kind of video. Apart from that, both provide analytics including video view, watch time, likes, comments, shares, reach and impressions, and these analytics can be viewed on mobile and desktop devices.

Well, from the viewers’ perspective, other commons can be found. For example, both offer a full-screen immersive experience. Moreover, viewers can follow and subscribe to creators directly from their videos.

These are the most apparent similarities between YouTube Shorts and TikTok. What are their differences? Keep reading.

YouTube Shorts vs TikTok: Differences

Although both allow creators to create short-form videos, YouTube Shorts only supports videos that are less than 60 seconds in length (go here to check YouTube Shorts length), whereas TikTok can support videos that are up to five minutes in length.

Then, although creators can make money on YouTube Shorts and TikTok, monetization is completely different. YouTube Shorts offers the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100M fund distributes over the course of 2021 and 2022, whereas TikTok offers Digital Gifts and Shoutouts.

Next, YouTube boasts a large music library, which means creators have a huge choice of songs and add the most suitable one to their short-form videos. In contrast, TikTok has a huge library of filters including AR effects and green-screen effects, which endows creators more huge creativity.

Finally, as to the availability, YouTube Shorts is only available on the YouTube app. That’s means you need to switch to the app version on your mobile phone to create a Shorts video. But this does not mean that you cannot watch Shorts video on the YouTube web version. There are three ways to make these videos available on your computer and they are displayed in another MiniTool’s guide.

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Bottom Line

Is YouTube Shorts better than TikTok? What’s your opinion? It is glad to see your opinions of YouTube Shorts vs TikTok in the following comment zone.

Well, this post comes to an end. Any doubts about this post can be also left in the comment zone, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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