The sound of nature on YouTube can help reduce anxiety and stress and help you relax. If you are working, exercising, meditating or doing chores, these sounds are really helpful. MiniTool will introduce 7 good channels on YouTube that offer the calming sounds. Read to get them now.

Natural sounds are great to help people reduce anxiety, stress and pain. If you listen to the sound of nature on YouTube while you’re working or doing chores, these sounds can really help you focus or relax.

You can add short natural sound videos to your favorite playlist and use them to remind you to take a break. Or you can use longer videos when you’re exercising, meditating, or just trying to relax and fall asleep.

Right now, if you are interested in the sound of nature on YouTube, keep reading. This article will show you 7 good channels below. Choose your favorite natural sound.

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K-MUSICLIFE YouTube channel describes it as the netlabel for broadcasting Japanese Chillout/Environmental music. Their goal is to create user expression with chillout music including nature sound. They call that’s music as Japanese chillout.

They created multiple playlists about nature sounds including Nature Sounds, Nature Sounds – Stream, Nature Sounds – Ocean and Nature Flow. Try to listen to these nature sounds and see if you like them.

#2: Johnnielawson

Johnnie Lawson is an artist from Ireland. He created this relax TV that offer people nature sounds for relaxation and meditation. He describes that these calming sounds of nature can help insomnia suffers as a sleep aid or help people concentration for study and relaxing.

This channel also offers calming visual experience. To do that, he goes into nature to capture the sounds and visuals of the peace and quiet places.

In his channel, you’ll find many nature sounds videos. There are some playlists: Nature Sounds, Classical Music with Nature, etc. Browse their channel to find the perfect nature sounds video for you.

#3: Relaxing White Noise

Relaxing White Noise is a channel that specializes in white noise. White noise can help people relax and fall asleep fast. All od their videos are 10 hours so that you can tune out all the irrelevant noise overnight and get a good night’s sleep. You can also use these videos when you’re studying, relaxing, or working.

This channel contains over 500 white noise videos. Try to listen to these videos and find the perfect one for you.

#4: Relaxing Ambient Sounds

Like the previous channel, all the videos of Relaxing Ambient Sounds are 10 hours or longer. The audio is recorded in 30-60 minutes segments, edited to eliminate distracting sounds such as passing cars. Each final video contains multiple pieces, grouped together in a mixed order. So right now, you just need to sit back and relax.

#5: Nature Relaxation Films

This is a high-end niche video brand that specializes in producing artistically rich ambient nature videos in 4K UHD/ 1080pHD.

These videos will take you on a relaxing, awe-inspiring journey to exotic and iconic destinations. In this way, it provides you with immediate and lasting stress relief through audio-visual thrills and wonders. If you are ready to replace your worries with wonder, open this channel now.

#6: Sounds by Knight

Brian Knight created this channel – Sounds by Knight. This channel offers the relaxing sounds for your mind. He focuses on field recordings, Sound FX and slow changing evolving music created from natural sounds.

The great videos include birds singing, waterfalls, thunderstorms, wind chimes, ocean sounds and water sounds. If you like these nature sounds, get them now in Sounds by Knight.

#7: RainbirdHD

RainbirdHD offers you HD videos of rain, weather and nature sounds. Most videos are filmed in central Florida. You can get videos of different lengths, most of which range from 1 hour to 10 hours.

Now sit back and relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

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Bottom Line

To sum up, this article has shown you 7 good channels providing you with the sound of nature on YouTube. If you need to replace your worries with wonder or just relax, watching these videos can help you.

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