Why are my YouTube views dropping? You might be troubled by this situation. This post by MiniTool will explain why your YouTube views have suddenly dropped and what you can do to address the situation.

YouTube is an excellent source of income for lots of people. They are free to pursue their passions on YouTube, and even get paid through monetization programs. However, if your constant stream of incoming views suddenly stops, you are likely to feel some panic.

Here are a few reasons why your YouTube views may be dropping:

Changes in the YouTube Algorithm

YouTube is continuously changing, updating, or tweaking its YouTube algorithm to help viewers find what they want to see. It is attempting to create an environment in which people will spend as much time as possible on YouTube, and it does so by giving more content that viewers would like to watch.

The algorithm changes on YouTube will have a negative impact on some channels. On the other hand, these same algorithm changes may have a positive impact on your channel.

Changed Your Upload Schedule

Sometimes, the decision to change your upload schedule can be a bit tumultuous. You can refer to the viewership report, click on Compare metrics and then click on Videos Published to see how often you have been uploading.

Fewer views may also be due to less frequent uploads. If this is the reason “why are my YouTube views dropping?”, you can settle for content that is more engaging to your audience. You will quickly restore and even boost your views if you do this.

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Video Wasn’t Watched for Over 10 Seconds

When new users first discover your channel, they’ll usually watch some of your most popular videos to see what you’re all about. They often open and close videos in less than 10 seconds. Although this counts as a view when the viewer clicks on it, the YouTube moderation team later removes this sub-10-second view.

As a result, as you build your loyal following, you will receive lots of these smaller views.

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Same Viewer Is Repeatedly Watching Your Videos

YouTube considers it spammy when the same person watches your video many times. And, YouTube decides to delete the repeated views after tracking the IP address. Therefore, when your video gains popularity with a certain group of people and they re-watch it many times, YouTube becomes suspicious.

In order to fairly count views, YouTube removes all of your repeated video views, thereby reducing your total view count to a minimum.

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Viewers Have Deleted Their Account

Inactivity causes YouTube to remove views. Not only is the inactivity of YouTubers partly to blame, but so is the inactivity of watchers. When YouTube users leave the platform, their data will be cleared and their information will be reset. As a result, all views from all their YouTube channels were removed, thus wiping their slate clean.

So, if the views on your channel have lately been removed, it could be because some users deleted their YouTube accounts.

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To Wrap Things Up

Why are my YouTube views dropping? Much of the drop in YouTube views is that YouTube is doing an audit check. All you can do is keep working hard on your channel and creating great content. You will soon be rewarded with the ability to reach a larger audience.

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