YouTube is one of the most popular sites for watching online videos where I always upload my videos made by MiniTool software with the purpose of making them viewable to everyone. However, I found some uploaders set their videos private. How to watch private YouTube videos?

A private YouTube video can be watched by those people who have been given permission by the uploader in the video setting page of that certain video. The private video can’t be seen in the search results, and it will not appear as a recommended video. At the same time, subscribers will not be informed that it has been issued. 

However, some people received the share link of the uploader but still aren’t able to see the private video. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Viewers need to have a YouTube account and sign into it when trying to view the video.
  • Viewers must sign into the YouTube account which the video has been shared with.
  • Viewers need to use the specific link to the private video, which has been sent into their mailboxes.
YouTube Private VS Unlisted: What’s the Difference?
YouTube Private VS Unlisted: What’s the Difference?

YouTube Private VS Unlisted: What’s the difference? This post will give you the answer and tell you how to share a private YouTube video.

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How to Watch Private YouTube Videos with Permission

It’s pretty easy to watch private YouTube videos with the uploader’s permission.

Step 1. Contact the owner of the channel and request him or her to send you an exclusive permission URL so you can watch the video.

Step 2. Open your mailbox, and click the email from the video’s uploader.

Step 3. In the email, a small red box with three white horizontal dots in it will appear. Click it to be taken to the video on YouTube.

click the red box

Step 4. Now, the video will begin to play on the YouTube site.

Note: If you find that the video doesn’t play or you get to a YouTube error page, sign into your account and then try clicking the link from your email again.

Similarly, if you have private videos in your YouTube channel, you should carefully consider who can get your permission to watch the video. Because YouTube only permits a video uploader who marked the video to be private to send up to 25 private URLs.

Besides, by utilizing a capture software or device, any people who got your permission to watch the private video could easily copy your video and upload it to be a public video.

Bottom Line

How to watch private YouTube videos? After reading this post, you can easily watch them with or without permission. If you have any questions or suggestions about it, please let us know via [email protected] or share them in the comments section below.

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