How to gain subscribers? When you launch your YouTube channel, you need to work hard to earn every single view and every single subscriber. MiniTool will provide you with 9 useful expert tips. Take a look at these tips to see if you're getting more subscribers in the right way.

9 Tips to Gain More Subscribers

How to gain subscribers for your YouTube channel? Here are 9 expert tips for you.

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Tip 1: Prioritize Building Relationships with Your Audience

Subscribers are acquired by building relationships with your audience, which can be done in many different ways.

The most obvious is at the individual level. You’re standing in front of the camera, which means viewers can contact you directly, and vloggers are sure to attract more subscribers as they tell more stories.

But it can also be at the educational level. Usually in the education channel and How To channel, after watching the video, the audience will click subscribe immediately.

But the problem is that they often just want a specific answer to a specific question you give them, and then they stop being interested in your content. That’s the nature of YouTube. Subscribers can have different values to different people.

If you build a relationship with your audience based on a level of trust ultimately, they will become your most valuable subscribers, investing not only in the video they just watched, but also in your channel’s future content. All the techniques you’ll see in this article relate to this.

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Tip 2: Be Consistent with Your Upload Schedule

There are many different forms and sizes of consistency, but the most important thing is consistency of schedule.

Make sure you keep posting, so people will look at your content again, but most importantly, be consistent in your choice of topic.

Suppose it takes three videos to convert a viewer to a subscriber:

  • The first video made people realize who you are and what you might be doing on YouTube.
  • The second video creates this consistency. Now, they know what you do and what they like.
  • The third video, building more momentum, trust, and that’s where subscriptions might come in.

If you jump from one topic to another, you may never get past the awareness stage of the content.

Tip 3: Sort out Your Channel Page

Treat the audience as your guests and warmly welcome them to your home. Give them a guide so they know where everything is and the guests will soon become friends. Thus, you need to sort out your channel page now.

You need to creating a channel banner that visually tells your audience what you’re doing in five seconds, and upload a YouTube channel trailer video that best represents the kind of your content.

Also, create Playlists regularly to help visitors understand the topics you’re working on, and to display recent uploads so people know you’re still making content.

Tip 4: Ask Viewers to Subscribe

how to get more subscribers? Sometimes you just need to tell your audience what to do, because they won’t do it themselves. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally asking your audience for a little help. If you do too much, your audience will let you know.

Tip 5: Use Calls to Actions (CTAs)

In general, when you ask your audience to do something, this is called a call to action. But you can be more subtle. You can make graphics appear on the screen that you don’t even reference. Just search for “’subscribe animation green screen” and you’ll find plenty of free options on the Internet

Tip 6: Use Your Branding Watermark

Your branding watermark can increase subscriber growth by 500%.  Many video producers simply use their channel logos. But we recommend adding a YouTube subscribe button, because when the viewers click it on a desktop, they can subscribe to your channel. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Tip 7: Reach Out Via Community Tab & YouTube Stories

Not every video producer can make a video every day, but you should still make content every day. If you have more than 1,000 subscribers, you can post status updates, ask questions, vote and promote videos via the YouTube Community tab. If you only have time to upload one video a week, you’ll always have five minutes to update your Community tab.

The same goes for YouTube Stories. Create short vertical video clips that you can record quickly and keep your audience up to speed on what you’re doing. You can even make videos to answer questions, which is great for building relationships and building trust with your audience.

Tip 8: Engage Non-subscribers

The Community tab and YouTube Stories are great for your subscribers, but what difference does it make for non-subscribers? Those community posts and stories on YouTube can appeal to people who haven’t subscribed to your content but have seen it, or who are interested in what the viewer is interested in.

Tip 9: Respond to Every Comment You Can

Maybe you don’t have access to the Community tab or YouTube Stories, but you can still see the comments on YouTube.

You should respond to every comment, because it all goes back to Tip 1, building relationships and building trust with your audience. For viewers, it’s always a great feeling to know that video producers are paying attention to what they’re saying and responding to their comments.

Bottom Line

To sum up, that’s all the information about how to gain subscribers. See if you’re using these tips right now. If you’re not, you can try them, and trust me, you’ll get more subscribers.

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