More and more people like to do yoga at home today. It’s a quite easy and convenient way to exercise. If you want to get the best yoga videos on YouTube, read on. This article will introduce the top 12 yoga influencers for you. Their videos can inspire you and help you achieve physical and mental health. If you want to watch their videos offline, MiniTool uTube Downloader can help download the videos from YouTube.

Today, yoga is such a big trend that online yoga classes on YouTube have become very popular. People like self-paced yoga classes because of the freedom, convenience and affordability they offer.

The COVID-19 epidemic has been going on for a long time, and I understand that you may need a way to relieve stress, relieve mood, and cheer up. So, I recommend you to exercise at home following the best yoga videos on YouTube. Doing yoga can also be a good exercise for your body.

Download Best Yoga Videos and Exercise at Home!

If you want to watch the best yoga videos offline and exercise at home easily, your best bet is to download these YouTube videos via a YouTube video downloader. Another benefit of downloading these videos and watching them offline is that you won't have any problems. After downloading these videos, you can watch them anywhere and anytime.

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So, where to find the best yoga videos? This article will show a lineup of the top 10 yoga influencers on YouTube for you. (You may be interested in this article: Subscribe These Top 5 YouTube Fitness Influencers to Get Fit!)

Best Yoga Videos from the Top 10 Yoga Influencers on YouTube

To exercise at home or relieve stress, doing yoga is always a good choice for you. The following part will show you the top 10 yoga influencers on YouTube. All of their channels are the best YouTube yoga channels.

#1. Adriene Mishler (YouTube Channel: Yoga With Adriene)

  • Joined Date: Aug 31, 2012
  • Subscriber Count: 7.83M
  • View Count: 660M
  • Videos: 556

If you search for "yoga" on YouTube, Adriene Mishler is likely to appear at the top of the search results. We can see why. Her large community of followers and her content speak for themselves.

Adriana's YouTube channel - Yoga With Adriene offers free yoga videos for beginners and experts. She also has modules for weight loss and mental peace. Take a look at her amazing playlists and you'll see why she has over 7 million followers.

#2. Corrina Rachel (YouTube Channel: PsycheTruth)

  • Joined Date: Oct 21, 2014
  • Subscriber Count: 3.75M
  • View Count: 908M
  • Videos: 2,789

Corina Rachel has turned her channel - PsycheTruth into a one-stop destination for health, psychology and fitness. PsycheTruth offers a wide variety of content, from barre workouts to prenatal yoga.

The channel is like a forum for medical practitioners and yoga gurus. They share informational videos and motivational techniques. If you are looking for more professional information about yoga, this channel is what you need.

#3. Juliana Semenova & Mark Spicoluk (YouTube Channel: Boho Beautiful)

  • Joined Date: Oct 21, 2014
  • Subscriber Count: 1.59M
  • View Count: 190M
  • Videos: 310

The couple became yoga devotees on YouTube. If you want to get the best yoga videos, their YouTube channel is worth a look. “A Yoga Wanderlust Channel” is their slogan.

These travel-loving YouTubers practice yoga in picturesque locations and their enthusiasm for life is so infectious. In addition to guided meditation and regular yoga, their channel also shares vegetarian recipes and Pilates techniques. Holistic living is what they practice and preach.

#4. Sarah Beth (YouTube Channel: SarahBethYoga)

  • Joined Date: Sep 1, 2010
  • Subscriber Count: 969K
  • View Count: 80M
  • Videos: 352

If you're pressed for time, Sarah Beth's 5-minute class will be a boon. Besides, Sarah also offers the full 90-minute videos. Her tutorial includes rigorous training and meditation exercises. She even has an app with more than 400 videos to guide subscribers through her 30-day course. It also offers a yoga calendar, membership content and community support.

#5. Kino MacGregor (YouTube Channel: KinoYoga)

  • Joined Date: Jul 4, 2011
  • Subscriber Count: 608K
  • View Count: 181M
  • Videos: 1,753

Kino MacGregor’s 20 years of experience shines through in the content of her yoga videos. If you think most yoga videos are difficult to understand, you can try to watch some of her videos. She has an uncanny ability to break down complex yoga movements into simple steps.

Her tutorials can be a learning experience, even if you are an experienced yogi. Her targeted training allows you to skillfully handle headstands and back bends.

#6. Lesley Fightmaster (YouTube Channel: Fightmaster Yoga)

  • Joined Date: Jan 13, 2012
  • Subscriber Count: 586K
  • View Count: 41M
  • Videos: 651

Lesley Fightmaster thinks that pose doesn't matter. She argues that you don't have to be perfect to feel perfect. Her videos are great for beginners who want to achieve physical and mental health through yoga.

Her channel also offers 30 days of exercise flexibility and the challenge of fighting pain and obesity. Lesley's playlist of various videos is enough to convince you that she is the master of her craft.

#7. Esther Ekhart (YouTube Channel: EkhartYoga)

  • Joined Date: Feb 26, 2008
  • Subscriber Count: 333K
  • View Count: 62M
  • Videos: 769

Esther Ekhart and her coaching team have created a channel you'll be proud to follow. Creating 3,500 tutorials with more than 40 tutors is a feat that not all YouTubers can achieve. Esther's team specializes in all major forms of yoga, such as Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Her videos cater to all levels and styles of yoga.

#8. Tara Stiles (YouTube Channel: TaraStiles)

  • Joined Date: Mar 12, 2008
  • Subscriber Count: 329K
  • View Count: 32M
  • Videos: 666

Tara Stiles's video is both mental and physical health. Couch yoga, deep breathing and "calming" yoga can all help restore your mental peace and vitality.

Tara stood out for her unconventional approach to fitness, dubbed " Yoga Rebel" by the New York Times. Tara has many other honors. Vanity Fair dubbed her the “Coolest Yoga Instructor Ever”, and she has been featured in Vogue and Elle magazines.

#9. Brett Larkin (YouTube Channel: BrettLarkinYoga)

  • Joined Date: Aug 2, 2012
  • Subscriber Count: 307K
  • View Count: 27M
  • Videos: 713

Brett Larkin's channel focuses on yoga and philosophy. Brett posts yoga videos every Monday and philosophy videos every Friday. Her list is dominated by the popular Vinyasa flow yoga.

Whether you want to do a 15-minute quick workout or a yoga marathon, Brett Larkin's channel is the place to be. She also offers online classes for yogis on her website.

#10. Tim Senesi (YouTube Channel: Yoga With Tim)

  • Joined Date: Jan 29, 2018
  • Subscriber Count: 140K
  • View Count: 7M
  • Videos: 246

As a YouTube influencer who joined in 2018, Tim Senesi already has an impressive following and viewership. His weekly full-body workouts and 30-day challenge videos are popular with young YouTubers.

What makes Tim's video unique is that professional models show complex yoga poses and movements rather than doing himself. He is also one of the few men on YouTube to have an impact on yoga.

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This post introduces 10 of the most influential yoga influencers on YouTube, from whom you can get the best yoga videos. Click to Tweet 


Overall, this post showcases 10 of the most influential Yoga gurus on YouTube, from whom you can get the best yoga videos. These videos can inspire you to exercise at home and achieve physical and mental health. This article also shows a great YouTube downloader - MiniTool uTube Downloader which can help download videos and audios from YouTube.

MiniTool Youtube DownloaderClick to Download100%Free & Clean

If you have any questions or you know any good YouTube downloader app, leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks in advance!

Best Yoga Videos FAQ

Can you lose weight by doing yoga?
Active, intense styles of yoga will help you burn the most calories. This may help prevent weight gain. If that’s your purpose, restorative yoga might be a good option for you. While restorative yoga isn't a particular type of physical yoga, it can still help with weight loss, including belly fat.
Is yoga better than gym?
Each has its own advantages and we can't say that one is better than the other. Practicing yoga increases flexibility and strength. Compared to the gym, you don't need any equipment to do yoga, just leave some space around you to practice various poses. You save time going to the gym. And yoga doesn't increase hunger.
Why am I gaining weight by doing yoga?
Basically, this isn't a weight gain. When you choose an exercise plan that consists of different types of exercise and yoga, your body will protect you from stress and damage. This will increase your body soreness and retain more water. This retention of water in the body will add a few pounds to your weight. But you don't have to worry about that. This situation is entirely temporary.
Can Yoga change your body shape?
Yoga has the potential to increase fat loss, develop muscle tone, build flexibility, and ultimately form better shape. Many types can also help you build muscle strength and endurance. As long as you keep doing yoga, you are sure to achieve your goal.
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