A few years ago, YouTube entered the music field and introduced updated YouTube Music after abandoning Google Play Music completely. Many people have had trouble with "audio track is unavailable" when using YouTube Music. This post from MiniTool will explain to you why this issue happens and how to fix it.

Why Is the YouTube Audio Track Unavailable?

It’s not hard to think that YouTube music song is not unavailable due to various reasons. There are several common reasons here: copyright restrictions and music streaming services, differences between music videos and audio tracks, and the complexities of music licensing agreements.

To start with, the original creators of music are protected by copyright laws against piracy and unauthorized use. These laws require music streaming services to follow these rules, which means they can only host music that has been approved for use. That said, audio tracks cannot be played on YouTube Music if the copyright owner has not given permission.

Next, while YouTube Music does provide music videos as well as audio tracks, the latter is more likely to be restricted owing to licensing agreements. Therefore, if a song’s copyright holder has not granted permission to stream the audio track, then YouTube Music may have an “audio track is unavailable” issue.

At last, some songs may not be available on YouTube Music due to the complexities of music licensing agreements. Music streaming service licensing agreements are often complex because they involve multiple parties or multiple territories. If either party to the agreement disagrees with the terms, the song may not be streamed.

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YouTube Audio Track Is Unavailable: How to Fix it?

We will first show you a solution guide to fix this issue, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Look for the Apps option and click on it, for example, Apps & notification, App manager, Apps, All apps, or System apps, etc.

Step 3: Click on All apps, App list, App manager, or See all apps, etc.

Step 4: You can check out all the apps here. Click on the app you’re having trouble with.

Step 5: Click on Data usage details and turn on or off the Background data option two or three times. Then, turn on or enable Background Data.

Step 6: Go back to find the Airplane mode and switch it two or three times. Then, turn this option off or disable it.

Step 7: Restart your phone and the issue is fixed.

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When you find that your YouTube music song is unavailable, you can also try the following solutions.

  1. Re-add the song to the playlist. when something goes wrong with a song that belongs to a certain playlist, you can try this method immediately. Delete the song from your playlist and re-add it.
  2. Toggle between WiFi and mobile data. If you are currently connected to WiFi, consider toggling to mobile data before restarting the app, or vice versa.
  3. Use VPN. Some songs are restricted due to certain regions. You can avoid this issue by using a VPN.
  4. Make sure the restricted mode. You can check to see if your restricted mode is off and find a toggle for the same in your YouTube Music as well as YouTube app settings.

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Let’s Wrap It Up

There are several reasons why the YouTube audio track is unavailable. Keeping track of all the factors that can affect a song’s availability can be difficult, from copyright laws to exclusive music deals to music labels.

On the other hand, consumers can better understand the complexities of music streaming services and make informed choices about where to listen to their favorite music by learning why the music song is unavailable.

Additionally, you can try several of the solutions provided above to deal with the problems you encounter, and hope they can help you.

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