If you create children’s content on the YouTube platform, you’ve most likely heard of its revised YouTube Kids monetization policy. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about it; it's not as complex as it sounds. Actually, it’s good news for YouTubers who create high-quality content for kids. Read on to find out more.

Can You Make Money with a YouTube Kids Channel?

If you’re going to make child-focused content a major source of revenue on YouTube, you should consider whether it is feasible. The stark reality is that, in general, it can be difficult to make a living from creating children’s content.

Firstly, if your YouTube channel is labeled “Made for Kids”, the platform judges the content on low-quality principles for children and family content.

That means that your children’s videos must meet YouTube’s rules for child content and COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

It also means more new restrictions on your video content, for example, stricter age limits and shorter ad breaks.

In addition, the video considered unsuitable for children will be age-restricted or removed as YouTube’s systems filter out mature videos.

YouTube requires that any video “Made for Kids” need to avoid:

  • Negative behaviors encouraged
  • Misleading information shared
  • Heavy ads throughout the videos

You also cannot include the following in your video:

Although you may think these are trivial differences from a standard YouTube channel, they are monetization features that generate high ad income. Even though the YouTube channel complies with the criteria of YouTube Partner Program terms, they are limited to videos made for kids.

Since YouTube has been heavily penalized by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), they have been very careful with the rules on kids’ content, making it challenging to turn a profit.

But there are other ways to help you break through in the next section.

How to Make Money on YouTube as a Kid Creator?

The key to increasing YouTube Kids monetization is that you can leverage the right video content strategy and high engagement. Here’s how:

Collaborate with Sponsors for the YouTube Channel and Videos

Looking for sponsors for your child-friendly YouTube channel and videos can be an excellent method to earn money while offering value to your viewers. However, it’s imperative to carefully choose your sponsors and ensure their values match yours.

You also need to make it clear to your audience that the content is sponsored. And you can create a live-streaming event or a video to introduce sponsored content to kids and their parents.

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Use Affiliate Marketing for Children’s Channels

Another method of increasing YouTube Kids content monetization is to become an affiliate for products or services relevant to your channel’s videos. You can add affiliate links to your video descriptions or even make videos specifically about the products or services you’re promoting.

For example, if your “Made for Kids” channel specializes in product reviews, you can add affiliate links to products below your video, making it clear where parents can buy them.

However, it is important to ensure that you’re promoting products or services that are related and of good quality to keep the trust of your audience.

Live Streaming on the YouTube Channel

If you’re a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you’re presumably familiar with features like Super Chat and Super Stickers that you can enable while live streaming. These features let your audience pay and send messages or stickers during your live broadcast.

On top of that, live-streaming videos contribute significantly to ad revenue. However, since YouTube has stated that videos made for kids won’t include personalized ads, you can’t use these features for your content and increase your revenue with YouTube Kids.

Instead, you can utilize live-streaming videos to engage with your viewers. Additionally, you can answer their questions, offer teasers of upcoming content, or provide links to your website or affiliate products. You can then boost traffic to your website or other platforms this way.

Moreover, live streaming videos are an effective approach to connect with your subscribers and learn more about their interests and preferences. You can take advantage of the information to create videos that draw them in and maintain their interest.

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Bottom Line

YouTube provides video creators with many opportunities to raise earnings while also building a community around their content. But it also prioritizes the user experience, particularly on YouTube Kids monetization.

While it may seem that you can make less money owing to restrictions, it is possible to generate a big income by focusing on the right approaches. Therefore, keep creating captivating content, interacting with your audience, and using effective revenue-boosting techniques.

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