In this article, MiniTool introduces you to YouTube Super Chat. Creators can use it to make money when they go to live. Anyone watching your livestream can see the messages and you can also see the amount of payment. If you need to get more information about it, this article can help you.

Everything You Should Know about YouTube Super Chat

Super Chat is the equivalent of Twitch’s Cheers. It works in a similar way, but focuses on chat messages rather than special emoticons. Here are 4 important things you need to know about Super Chat.

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#1: Use Super Chat to Build Your Audience

Most Super Chat users will be super fans of the channel prepared to pay the creators for their attention. The problem with popular YouTube creators is that fans can feel alienated. These people just have too many followers to interact meaningfully with them.

But fans of who use Super Chat have an advantage. Their chats are visually separated from the daily messages. It is possible for a broadcaster to pick up on these messages and reply in their livestream. Super Chat on YouTube gives participants a boost. They have a better chance of interacting with their heroes than anyone else.

Even smaller broadcasters could benefit from encouraging the use of Super Chat. The more they promote the upcoming broadcast, the more people are likely to participate. If you can increase the number of visitors to your live stream, some of them will feel more likely to donate to you via Super Chat.

It makes sense to promote your live stream in as many ways as possible. Let all your social media followers know about the upcoming broadcast including your existing YouTube followers. You can promote your live stream as an event in other videos you create and upload.

Of course, you need to make sure that people who watch you live see that you’re kind to those who pay for Super Chat. Be sure to mention them, answer their questions and make them feel they’re getting their money’s worth and other viewers can see it.

You can even offer incentives to those who donate to you. You can offer additional content exclusively to people who pay a certain amount for Super Chat.

#2: How Much Does YouTube Take from Super Chat?

YouTube is owned by Google and paid for through Google Ads. If you have not already done so, you will need to set up an account and attach your YouTube account to your Google Ads account. Super Chat payments can pay between $1 and $500.

You’ll notice that you won’t keep all of your income earned by Super Chat. YouTube/Google keeps 30% of the money from Super Chat.

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#3: How Super Chat is Relevant for Influencer Marketing

Super Chat on YouTube encourages influencers to expand their output and also encourages them to make live shows. This can be especially important, because most streamers prefer to live on Twitch and then make great videos for their own YouTube channel.

The potential extra revenue offered by Super Chat gives broadcasters more incentive to continue streaming on the platform.

Influencers also get another benefit from the Super Chat live show. There are clear engagement metrics that influencers can present to potential sponsors. These metrics provide sponsors with a good guide to the enthusiasm and engagement of streamer’s audience. In turn, these sponsors may pay influencers to make future broadcasts.

#4: Potential Pitfalls of YouTube Super Chat

Super Chat is officially aimed at people over 18 and you’ll need to pay by credit card. However, many children can use their parents’ credit cards, which can cause problems if they spend too much money.

There will be trolling, with inappropriate comments and emoji. Of course, creators can still use YouTube’s moderation tools, blacklist certain chat terms and prohibit harassing viewers, but YouTube has been slow to spot inappropriate comments in videos in the past.

In some ways, Super Chat distorts the original idea of YouTube livestream chats. These were introduced to promote the relationship between creators and their communities. The aim is to make live broadcasting a two-way process, not just broadcast. Super Chat increases the status of some viewers who are willing and able to pay.

It is also inevitable that the broadcasters with the most viewers make the most money. Smaller broadcasters, however, are likely to need the money most, and the extra revenue most.

Bottom Line

That’s some information about YouTube Super Chat. It has shown you 4 important things that every creator should know. If you are interested in it, hope this article can be helpful to you.

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