YouTube videos can be watched on the Plex server. We write this post to tell you how to watch YouTube videos on Plex. Besides, if you want to download videos from YouTube, I advise you to use MiniTool uTube Downloader.

YouTube is terrible on Apple TV,because the features like the Remote app can’t work, and the interface doesn’t look like an Apple TV app. Even on Roku, the YouTube app is jarring. So neither Apple TV nor Roku is a good choice for watching YouTube videos. Luckily, Plex works a lot better on those devices, so try to use Plex to watch YouTube Videos. Now, let’s see how to watch YouTube videos on Plex.

How to Add a Video to the Plex “Watch Later” Queue?

Step 1. You should open a video on your browser, then click the bookmarklet. After seeing a pop-up, add the video to the Watch Later queue of your Plex server.

Step 2. At the bottom of the TV screen, you will find the Watch Later section on recent versions of Plex. By the way, you can also share the video with your Plex friends.

Step 3. Open Watch Later, and you will see all the videos that you added to your list.

Step 4. Choose one video you like to watch.

After those steps, you may have learned how to add a video to the Plex Watch later queue. Next, we will show you how to watch YouTube videos on the Plex server.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on the Plex Server?

It’s easy for you to learn how to add a video to the Plex Watch Later queue. But do you know how to browse your YouTube subscriptions on your TV with the Plex client fired up? Here, we will tell you the way and introduce the YouTube Plex plugin for you. It’s a fast and easy alternative YouTube plugin for Plex Media Server which can allow you to browse and watch YouTube videos.

Installation of the YouTube Plex plugin.

Firstly, find the latest release of the YouTube Plex plugin, and then download it. Secondly, unzip the files from the ZIP directory, after that you should rename this folder ending with “.bundle”. Thirdly, drag this folder to your Plex plugin directory. By the way, you can find this Plex plugin directory in windows by right-clicking the Plex server tray icon. Finally, click the Open Plugins folder command.

Watching YouTube videos on the Plex server.

Step 1. After you install the plugin, you should scroll down to the bottom of Plex on your TV.

Step 2. There is a new YouTube channel on Plex after opening the plugin. You need to authorize your Google account.

Step 3. You will be given a code and you should use this code to enter at

You can do this on any device, such as your phone and laptop. But remember that you should log in your Google account on those devices. After that, you will be able to browse your YouTube videos on Plex. What’s more, you can also visit your YouTube playlists, liked videos, and viewing history. Enjoy your videos!

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Bottom Line

After you read this post, you may know how to watch YouTube videos on the Plex server. We hope those steps will be useful for you. If you have any related issues, you can comment on our post to make us know.

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