To make your content stand out among other videos, you need to optimize the video title. Lucky for you, a YouTube title generator can help you create video titles that are ready-made for YouTube SEO. If you have run out of ideas, this post recommends the 4 best YouTube title generators for you.

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An appealing YouTube video title plays an important role that attracting viewers to click on your video. Always coming up with catchy titles for viral YouTube videos can be a little challenging. If you are running out of ideas, the 4 best YouTube video title generators recommended in this post are coming to help you!

How Do YouTube Title Generators Work?

As you might guess from the name, a YouTube title generator is a tool that creates a video title based on the information you provide about your video.

There are many tools available for you to use, and they all generally function in the same way: 1. process the information you give; 2. pull data from existing titles; 3. offer relevant title suggestions.

To get the best results from a title generator, you need to research high volume keywords first and then base your entire video around a keyword that gets a lot of search traffic.

5 YouTube Tag Generators Help Your Videos Get More Views
5 YouTube Tag Generators Help Your Videos Get More Views

What tags you should add when you upload videos on YouTube? Don’t worry, this post offers 5 YouTube tag generators that can create a list of popular video tags.

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The 4 Best YouTube Title Generators



TubeRanker is a good YouTube title generator that gives you different perks in the form of channel audits, keyword tools, rank trackers, and more. It means you can do all of this through one resource.

To use TubeRanker’s title generator tool, you just need to enter the keyword and then you will get a list of potential titles in two categories: Person or Place and Content Topic.


SmartWriter is also among the best YouTube title generators that provide personalized messaging services via an AI generator.

To use this tool, you’ll need to create a SmartWriter account and then navigate to the YouTube Title Generator. From there, you simply enter in the keyword and video topic information and get a list of title options in return.

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Weshare is also an amazing YouTube title generator. With this tool, you can get the perfect title for your YouTube video and learn some helpful tips for coming up with the best video titles. To generate an optimized title, you just need to type the keywords.

It also offers a variety of generator tools specifically designed for YouTube content creation, including the YouTube name generator and YouTube video description generator.

Capitalize My Title

Last but not the least, Capitalize My Title is also an all-around great resource for generating YouTube titles. Just like the above-mentioned tools, it lets you enter in a topic or keyword of the video, then you can get back 10 title options. And you can also find out how this tool has ranked each title based on readability, SEO, and sentiment.

Bonus Tips for Viral YouTube Video Titles

  • Try to invoke viewers’ curiosity
  • Try to use trigger words
  • Use short video titles
  • Check your video title against truncation in the video title generator
  • Long-tail keywords are less competitive
  • Use the thumbnail as an extension of your title


We can never underestimate the importance of a good title to the video’s success. Based on this post, we’ve learned the 4 best YouTube title generators and some tips for viral video titles. Just try your favorite one to start your creation!

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