This article posted on MiniTool will tell you the definition of a YouTube ads spy tool and offers a list of YouTube ads spy tools for your reference.

What Is YouTube Ads Spy Tool

YouTube is the second largest digital advertising platform in the world, after Google. There’s no doubt that YouTube ads are an effective way to do online advertising for marketers.

Marketers need a YouTube ads spy tool. Ads spy tools can allow them to view ads displayed on YouTube. These tools can be useful for many reasons, including seeing what ads are working, what ads are effective, and what ads your competitors are running. Furthermore, you can find new ideas for your own ad campaigns.

There are many YouTube ad spy tools available. Similarly, you need to create an account with the tool, then you can search for ads on YouTube by keywords or the advertiser’s name.

These YouTube ads spy tools will not only help you in earning more income from your website but also help in increasing your ROI.

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Best YouTube Ads Spy Tools

Next, which YouTube ads spy tools should you choose? Here are some of the best YouTube ads spy tools for you to choose from.

1. VidTao

VidTao is a free YouTube ads spy tool where you can see the best-performing videos as well as the top advertisers. Then it allows you to create a collation of videos to use in the future and check an advertiser’s stats by opening his profile. It’s so simple that you just click the Swipe button it shows on the graphic info page if you like some videos.

VidTao has a free YouTube ad library and comes with step-by-step tutorials. To use VidTao, you should create a free account. After that, you can explore it according to your need. It’s also a search tool that you can use to search for a specific creator or channel on YouTube.

2. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is a cloud-based YouTube video ads spy tool. It offers an advanced search tool and filters. With the help of PowerAdSpy, you can get comprehensive in-depth analytics of other YouTubers’ ads in real time.

PowerAdSpy will also help you download the landing page of an ad. Apart from a YouTube ads spy tool, it has many tools, like Google PPC, MailGaze, Native Ad Spy tools, and so on.

3. BigSpy

BigSpy is a web-based YouTube ads spy tool that was designed for helping businesses and individuals get creative inspiration for their marketing campaigns. It has a useful search box that will truly help you find winning products.

This platform contains a database of various ads, allowing users to search for ads using different filters. In addition, it sorts featured ads based on multiple criteria, such as Last Seen, Time Created, Likes, Comments, Heat, Shares, and Duration.

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4. AdSpyder

AdSpyder is an online ad platform that offers details about millions of online ads from all over the world. It allows you to study your competitors’ ads strategies using this ad spy tool. With its competitor analysis, you can find out what keywords your competitors are using and then utilize your ads campaign.

5. Anstrex

Anstrex is a platform specifically created for online advertisers and marketers. It provides users with some unique features that include a complex search function, ads statistical reports, landing pages of ads, and much more.

To use Anstrex, create an account for yourself first, visit its dashboards, use the filters it provided, and sort the listing. Then, you can check the ad information.

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Until now, you must have a better understanding of the YouTube ads spy tool. You can pick one tool to optimize your YouTube ads.

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