A noisy environment can disturb one’s sleep. If a person has frequent insomnia, it will pose a threat to his health. Exports suggest people to keep the environmental noise below the level of 40 dB at night. We can mask unwanted sounds with sleep sounds. So, MiniTool will introduce 3 sleep sounds to you.

In this age of information, people are easy to be buried in anxiety, high pressure, and insomnia. So, this post will introduce you to some ways to release yourself and get sleep well.

1#. Nature Sounds

Researchers find that nature sounds can relax people and decrease wake-up times, which can improve sleep quality. Nature sounds are the most accessible sound to people because most of them are caused by natural phenomena.

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We take two nature sounds as examples:

Rain Sounds

Have you ever wondered why the sound of rain can relax us? Why the sound of raindrops makes it easier for us to fall asleep?

The rain sounds are a useful tool to distract us from unwanted thoughts. It allows us to fall asleep quickly and think peacefully. The sound of rain falling on the ground makes people feel comfortable, especially when we are wrapped up warmly in a bed.

Another reason is related to the wave frequencies. The wave frequency of rain sound is in the comfort zone of human audible sound. So, the sound naturally lets our minds relax. Rain sounds are considered a kind of pink noise, which is one of the most common noises in nature.

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Wind Sounds

The wind noise frequency is mainly between 20Hz and 250Hz and overlaps with the human voice. The wind itself has no sound and the sound of the wind is the sound made by the things (tree, forest, etc.) it blows. It is one of the sounds of nature and is popular among people.

The sound of the wind can calm your body and mind while trying to fall asleep. Listening to the gentle sound of wind bellowing as a background sound for studying or working is also a good choice.

If you are seeking relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep, the wind sounds are perfect. They are relaxing and peaceful, and will help you drift off to sleep.

2#. Relaxing Music

While listening to relaxing music can help you fall asleep, you should try to avoid listening to songs with lyrics. The reason is that lyrics can keep your brain active. Besides, listening to such songs may make you sing along with the song. Light music or piano pieces may be much better as sleep sound music.

3#. ASMR

The full name of ASMR is the autonomic sensory meridian response. There is little research on the benefits of ASMR for sleep, but the available studies suggest that ASMR can be useful for some people who suffer from sleep disorders.

ASMR video or audio clips work differently for different people. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate ASMR for the sleep sounds. There are so many kinds of ASMR audio or video clips such as chewing food, soft speaking, gentle whispering, etc.

Experimenting with different video or sound clips can help you decide which triggers are working or not working for hypnotization.

Meanwhile, the National Sleep Foundation found that experiencing ASMR audio or videos has a positive impact on people’s moods. This benefit will last for several hours.


There are so many audio or video clips of nature sounds, relaxing music, ASMR, etc. and other sleep sounds on YouTube. If you want to download those kinds of videos, you can download the MiniTool uTube Downloader. MiniTool uTube Downloader is a completely free application. You can download videos or audio from YouTube with it.

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