Nowadays, insomnia has become a problem for many people. Most of them are finding a way to heal their insomnia. People always say white noise can release this symptom. How about pink noise? If you want to listen to the sound of pink noise offline, the MiniTool uTube Downloader is a nice choice for you.

What Is Pink Noise?

Pink noise is one of the most common noises in nature, and it is mainly distributed in the low and medium frequency bands.

From a waveform perspective, pink noise is fractal, with a certain range of audio data having the same or similar energy. The sound of a waterfall and the sound of light rain can both be called pink noise.

From a power perspective, the energy of pink noise decreases continuously from low to high frequencies on a 1/f curve, typically decreasing by 3 dB every 8 degrees.

Examples of Pink Noise

  • The sound of rustling leaves
  • The sound of steady rain
  • The sound of waves crashing
  • The sound of heartbeats

Can Pink Noise Help You Sleep?

The answer is yes! Pink noise reduces the background sounds around you, such as the noise of the street, car horns, or slamming doors. So, it may help you fall asleep faster and keep you in deep sleep longer.

If you have a problem with insomnia and high pressure, you can try the pink noise videos on YouTube. If you want to watch the pink noise video offline, you can download this application – MiniTool uTube Downloader. It is a free, no-ads YouTube downloader, which can download audio and videos from YouTube.

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White Noise vs. Pink Noise

White noise is a sound that has the same power in different frequencies, which is the most familiar sound for us. The sound of electric fans and the sound of hair dryers belong to the white noise. In short, white noise is a sound that sounds consistent and repetitive over time.

White noise is a comfortable sound that can mask other subtle sounds and help people calm down. So, many people fall asleep to the white noise. At the same time, some people like to create an environment with white noise to improve productivity.

Pink noise is softer than white noise. It is mainly distributed in the low and medium frequency bands. As the background noise in nature is mostly low-frequency components, the sound of pink noise is more like the sound from nature, such as the sound of running water, the rustling leaves, or the sound of rain.

Studies find that playing pink noise while sleeping can not only elevate the time of your deep sleep but also adjust one’s brain waves so that improve memory in young people. Because of its low frequency, pink noise is often used to reassure babies.

Different colors of noise represent different frequencies of noise. The audible frequency range from 20HZ to 20000HZ is acceptable for human ears. Both pink noise and white noise can help you sleep. Different people have different levels of sound sensitivity, so you can try them all to find the right noise for you.

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