Each video posted on YouTube comes with a thumb-up button (like) and a thumb-down button (dislike) for viewers to share their opinions. Try MiniTool Video Converter to download those YouTube videos you like. Now, let's take a look at the top 10 most disliked video on YouTube.

With over 400 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, there is bound to be some cool videos as well as annoying videos. What is the most disliked video on YouTube? This post will discuss the top 10 most disliked YouTube videos one by one.

the list of the top 10 disliked YouTube videos

Top 1. YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube’s own annual Rewind video from 2018 holds the title for the most disliked video on YouTube. According to the description, the purpose of this video was to celebrate the videos, people, music, and moments that defined 2018. And apparently YouTube viewers really don’t like this recap. Plus, it’s a little long than the standard YouTube video.

Top 2. Baby

This video debuted in 2010 and it’s still going strong with over 2 billion views. The odd thing is that usually there’s a wide gap between the number of likes versus dislikes a video receives. However, there’s only a rough 2 million difference between people who love and hate this video.

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Top 3. It’s Everyday Bro

Do you know who Jake Paul is? It’s OK if you don’t know. He lists on his YouTube Channel page that he and Team 10 are always making videos, acting, doing action sports, and going on crazy adventures. He also claims to have written, shot, and edited this music video in one day. Maybe they should spend more time to create this video, since it has 4.45 million dislikes.

Top 4. Can This Video Get 1 Million Dislikes

Can this video get 1 million dislikes? Yes. PewDiePie’s request was fulfilled, and actually it has got additional 3.31 million dislikes. That’s not surprising considering his 101 million subscribers will seemingly do anything for him.

Top 5. Despacito

Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee is the fifth disliked video at current, but it’s also the most viewed YouTube video and the most liked video on YouTube of all time. It has an impressive 4.2 million dislikes on YouTube, possibly because this song was everywhere in 2017.

Top 6. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

It is the only one video in this list to act as a preview for a then-upcoming game. It’s received 3.84 million dislikes since its initial posting, but many of the recent comments on this video actually are positive about the game itself.

Top 7. Baby Shark Dance

Even if you don’t have kids, you’ve heard this insanely viral song, Baby Shark, and the video for it by Pinkfong is the seventh most disliked video on YouTube with 3.7 million. Even though it’s extremely popular among toddlers and children, it’s clearly hated by everyone else.

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Top 8. Friday

Although Friday by Rebecca Black came out back in 2011, it’s still holding strong on this top ten list. What means the hate people feel towards this video has sustained for almost a decade. It’s not surprising, as this music video is essentially a boring diary entry set to bad music and awkward dancing.

Top 9. Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear is a Russian-made cartoon with English dialogue, and this video features Masha, a young girl who is cooking what appears to be pink soup that multiples and takes over her entire house. There’s also a bear that is trying to figure out how to play chess alone.

Top 10. How It Is (Wap Bap…)

There’s a lot you can see in this music video. First of all, it takes place in a creepy, mostly-empty mansion with a lot of extravagant outfits and balloons, and a random bathtub scene with a bunch of black plastic balls. All of these seem illogical.

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Bottom Line

Honestly speaking, it’s not a bad thing to be one of the top 10 most disliked video on YouTube, because it means you’ve succeeded in getting people’s attention. If you have any questions or suggestions about it, please let us know via [email protected] or share it in the comments section below.

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