Picking an Instagram username is a tough task for most Instagram users. Therefore, this post lists the top 8 best Instagram username generators. All of them can create a cool Instagram username for you. Check them out below and choose the one you prefer.

Instagram username is the most direct way to reflect your personality and let people know who you are. Try creating a cool Instagram username with the following Instagram username generators. If you are also looking for an Instagram photo & video editor, try MiniTool software.

How to find a good Instagram name generator? Simply read this post.

1. SpinXO

Spinxo is a great and random Instagram name generator and the best part is that is generators are not just for Instagram, but also YouTube, Tumblr and more. Usually, it will ask you six questions and then the site provides you 30 Instagram username options based on your answers.

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2. Jimpix Username Generator

Jimpix Username Generator is an Instagram username generator that comes up with ideas for you based on categories. While it’s not as personalized as Spinxo, it’s got a wider range of data, and some of those categories get quite specific. It allows you to create a unique username as needed, depending on whether you want a one-word name, a composed one or any other specification.

Jimpix Username Generator

3. UsernameGenerator

As a cool Instagram name generator, UsernameGenerator provides users with a lot of distinctive usernames for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and more. Usernames are randomly generated or with some features and characteristics of your own choice.

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4. LingoJam

LingoJam is a great option if you already have an idea of what you’d like your username to reflect. Maybe you have a few words or an aesthetic in mind, but you aren’t sure exactly how to execute it. Just type your ideas into LingoJam, and it’ll give you a list of randomly generated ideas perfectly catered to what you want.

5. Name Generator Fun

Name Generator Fun is a free tool made for the dual purposes of inspiration and entertainment, providing users with the coolest and funniest username on the Internet. This practical Instagram name generator has been generating names since 1999.

Name Generator Fun

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6. Username Buddy

Username Buddy is a website that helps you generate great ideas for free based on your needs and persona. It features options geared to get you the username you need. From topics based on popular niches to personality traits to the naming habits of top users.

7. Mookychick Instagram Name Generator

Mookychick doesn’t offer as many personalization options as other name generators, but it does provide usernames that are most worthwhile for Instagram users. This random Instagram username generator is just for fun and all Instagram usernames it created sound cool and beautiful.

8. Quizony Instagram Name Generator

Instagram Name Generator by Quizony allows you to create a profile name that reflects who you are and what you’re there for by answering a few questions. At the end of the quiz, it will give you the result and you can share it with your friends.

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Bottom Line

Whether you’re going to start a new Instagram account or just want to change your username, try one of these Instagram username generators. If you know any other better Instagram username generators, please let us know via [email protected] or share them in the comments section below.

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