Writing a good YouTube description will help you a lot. This post from MiniTool offers some useful tips about how to write a good YouTube description.

Many YouTube creators are finding ways to grow their channels. The description on YouTube is a key factor you can’t ignore to grab more attention. Today, let’s know more about YouTube description.

What Are Descriptions on YouTube

First, what are descriptions on YouTube? There are two types of descriptions on YouTube: YouTube video descriptions and YouTube channel descriptions.

YouTube video descriptions are the text written below your video. Every YouTube video often includes a description. It’s the relevant information to your video, which could include the main idea of your video, related links, and additional explanation. It helps viewers determine whether to watch it.

At the same time, YouTube channel descriptions are text about your YouTube channel. It appears under the About tab of your channel page and it’s added when you first found your YouTube channel. It tells your viewers what your channel is about, which helps attract them to subscribe to your channel.

In this article, we mainly talk about YouTube video descriptions.

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Why Is YouTube Description So Important

After you upload a video to YouTube, you must expect it could be seen by more YouTubers. Thus, when YouTubers use the search engine on YouTube, your video should show up in the search results. Many factors can affect it, and description is one of these factors.

A good YouTube description can not only help your video get a high ranking in the search results but also show up in the related videos sidebar. Furthermore, your videos will gain more views, and be more likely to get more subscribers.

So, it’s important for you to know how to write a good description for YouTube. Let’s get started.

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Tips for How to Write a Good YouTube Description

In this section, a few useful tips are here for you.

1. Do keyword research.

As a YouTube creator, choosing the right keywords is the first step. The keywords should be relevant to your video content and can best describe the video. In addition, you can use some tools to do keyword research, such as the Google search engine. People tend to search for something on Google. Select the keywords at the top of the search results page.

Or you can use another tool-TubeBuddy to do keyword research. It’s a browser extension for YouTube SEO, which can connect to your YouTube dashboard. Read more on how to use TubeBuddy for YouTube to do keyword research.

2. Use hashtags.

Putting hashtags in your YouTube description is a good idea. YouTube allows you to add 15 hashtags in the description. And the first three hashtags will appear above the video title. Hashtags on YouTube help viewers find your videos more easily if the hashtags you add are at the top of a hashtag page.

3. Notice the characters.

The YouTube description can hold 5,000 characters. And generally speaking, it’s impossible to reach the limit of characters. You’d better put the primary keyword at the beginning of the description to grab attention quickly and then repeat it many times. Notice the description should be concise and simple. No one wants to see long descriptions.

4. Add links.

It couldn’t be wiser to add links to your YouTube description. It will help your viewers know what to watch next after watching this video. You can add links that are about relevant content to your video, other videos on your YouTube channel, your official subscribe link, your social media link, and more.

5. Include calls to action.

After you add links to your YouTube description, you can add a call to action (CTA) beside your links. Viewers need a reason why they should click these links. A call to action can encourage them to do so. Besides, you can include calls to action in your video to drive them to like, comment, subscribe, or read more.


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YouTube description is of vital importance to grab viewers’ attention. We provide some tips for how to write a good description on YouTube. Start to write your YouTube descriptions.

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