Many successful YouTube channels regularly host giveaways for YouTube subscribers. The reason is clear – YouTube giveaways can help to build subscribers, views, followers, and more. If you just start a new channel and have no idea how to do a giveaway on YouTube, then this guide is just for you!

This article will offer you a step-by-step guide on how to do a giveaway on YouTube. By the way, if you need a tool to download YouTube videos, MiniTool uTube Downloader can help you.

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How to Do a Giveaway on YouTube?

So many brands and influencers host YouTube giveaways. It turns into a popular trend among creators. Want to join the YouTube channels that do giveaways? Let’s start the ball rolling!

Step 1. Set a Goal for Your Giveaway

Having a goal for your giveaway helps to build a strategy to organize the contest. It will help guide you through the content creation process and help you measure the success of your contest at the end.

Some of the most common goals for YouTube giveaways are:

  • Gain channel subscribers
  • Increase views on a specific video
  • Getting current/new subscribers to follow you on social media
  • Boost website traffic
  • Promote a brand or product launch
  • Increase in exposure and engagement
  • Give something back to your subscribers

It’s recommended that you spend some time thinking about what you would like to get out of your giveaway. Once you set the goal, then you can carefully structure your giveaway to achieve that goal.

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Step 2. Select a Relevant Prize for Your Giveaway

Once you have set the goal for your giveaway, you need to select choose the type of prize you want to give to the winner. The best way to choose the prize is to understand what your audience likes. The prize needs to generate excitement among your audience.

That is to say, if you have a YouTube channel that focuses on workout or fitness, you can offer a collection of fitness goodies. You can also offer gift vouchers to your store, cash prizes, or even a bundle of your bestselling brand products.

Step 3. Set the Entry Requirements

Now that you have set a goal and picked a prize, it is time to build your giveaway campaign. The following are some entry YouTube giveaway ideas:  

Watch a video to enter: This is one of the most effective ways to gain more views on YouTube. On your website, add an action to your giveaway widget by entering the URL of the video. The viewer who clicks on the video will automatically gain an entry to your giveaway.

Visit your YouTube channel to enter: this helps to increase your channel visibility and gain more views on YouTube. This allows the viewer to watch your video and even subscribe to your channel if they like the content.

Answer questions about your video to enter: It helps boost the engagement rate of your videos. Create ay video and at the end include a question that your viewers must answer to enter the contest. 

Step 4. Create Clear Giveaway Rules

Clear giveaway rules ensure your contest is fair. It is straightforward and eliminates confusion that your participants may have. You can set any type of rule for your giveaway. Some of the rules that you can define for your giveaway are:

  • Age limit for entering the giveaway contest
  • Limitation to geographic location
  • Specific path of entry
  • Permission to tag other friends

These rules can help build your giveaway contest in a more organized way.

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Step 5. Promote Your Giveaway

You can choose to promote your giveaway on YouTube and other social media platforms. Cross-promotion is one of the best ways to boost your giveaway and gain more views and subscribers on YouTube. It also brings in maximum participation and increases the engagement rate.

You can share the campaign on different social media channels. For example, you can create a post or a teaser video on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a link to your giveaway video or giveaway landing page.

Bottom Line

That is all set! You must have known how to do a giveaway on YouTube now. A giveaway campaign on YouTube is an excellent strategy to increase the engagement rate on your YouTube channel. Try this way to promote your channel now!

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