What are the commons and differences between YouTube TV vs fuboTV? Is YouTube TV better than fuboTV? If you have these questions, the post from MiniTool uTube Downloader is what you need — it discusses YouTube TV vs fuboTV.

YouTube TV and fuboTV are the two popular streaming services, but which one is better? Go on reading.

As to YouTube TV vs fuboTV, we would like to compare the two streaming services based on the following aspects:

  • Channels
  • Cloud DVR
  • User profile & device limit
  • Price

Let’s see their commons and differences based on these aspects.

YouTube TV vs fuboTV: Channels

In the aspect of channels, fuboTV might be the winner in the contest of fuboTV vs YouTube TV.

fuboTV Starter and Elite boasts large channel lineups: the Starter plan has over 111 channels and the Elite plan offers more than 158 channels. Plus, the channel types are diverse, including sports, kids, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Here are some fuboTV channels:

fuboTV channels

As a newcomer to the live TV streaming service, YouTube TV has over 85 channels for live and on-demand programming. Thus, you can watch live sports, movies, news, reality, and so on.

Here are some YouTube TV channels:

YouTube TV channels

That’s why fuboTV is the winner in the contest of fuboTV vs YouTube TV.

YouTube TV vs fuboTV: Cloud DVR

Both the two TV streaming services offer the Cloud DVR feature. However, the Cloud DVR hours are different. YouTube TV offers unlimited cloud DVR, which means you can keep as many recordings of shows, movies, or sports games as you’d like.

However, the cloud DVR hours of fuboTV are limited: the Starter plan offers 250-hour cloud DVR, and the Elite plan 1,000-hour cloud DVR.

YouTube TV vs fuboTV: User Profile & Device Limit

As to user profiles, there is no difference between YouTube TV and fuboTV. Both services allow for up to six user profiles.

Then, how about streaming devices for YouTube TV and fuboTV? YouTube TV supports up to three simultaneous streams, which means that you can use YouTube TV on three devices at the same time. Go here to learn more about the YouTube TV device limit.

fuboTV supports 3-10 simultaneous streams. Its Starter plan supports 3 simultaneous streams and its Elite 10 simultaneous devices.

YouTube TV vs fuboTV: Price

As to price, YouTube TV and fuboTV have one common: offering a seven-day free trial. The difference is that YouTube TV asks $64.99/month, while fuboTV asks $64.99/month for the Starter plan and $79.99/month for the Elite plan.

Based on the above content, a brief conclusion of fuboTV vs YouTube TV has drawn. Costing $64.99 a month, you can enjoy over 85 channels and unlimited cloud DVR on YouTube TV, or over 111 channels and 250-hour cloud DVR on fuboTV.

Bottom Line

That’s all about fuboTV vs YouTube TV. Which one do you think is better? You can share your opinions in the comment zone. You can also leave your doubts about the comparison in the comment zone, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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