YouTube trends 2022 are getting more and more attention in marketing and many people tend to spend time on YouTube. So, what's trending on YouTube from 2022 to 2023? This post developed by MiniTool uTube Downloader will provide the must-know information to inspire your video marketing strategy.

According to the current Sprout Social IndexTM, more and more users are using YouTube in the next year, second only to Facebook. Also, it is the second most frequently accessed website in the world, after Google. Most YouTube users visit the site every day where they spend around 30 minutes consuming content in America. The list below is about YouTube Trends 2022 to 2023.

How-to Videos

When you type “how to” into the YouTube search box, a list of suggested videos will appear. These videos cover everything from more general information like “how to make a post” to more specialized advice like “how to change your name on Roblox”. There is so much content on YouTube, and potentially dozens of videos on any given topic, that making watching videos one of the best ways to learn a new skill.

Live Streaming

On the YouTube platform, live streaming has grown in popularity recently. In the first half of 2020, for instance, regular live streaming increased by 45%, and 58% of live streaming viewers said that watching live video during the pandemic helped them feel connected to the rest of the world.

This trend is expected to continue until 2023, with thousands of live streams broadcasting at any specific time on a variety of topics other than gaming.

YouTube Shorts

Thanks to TikTok, short videos have certainly surpassed all other forms of entertainment. Getting hooked is so simple. Who isn’t addicted to watching endless videos and wasting hours?

Short videos were introduced by YouTube in the United States in March 2021 and have since become a popular trend among the wider YouTube user base. Short videos up to 60 seconds in length are posted by creators on a specific “Shorts” tab, not on their regular channel page.

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Community Engagement

Every YouTuber who has been active for more than several months understands the value of a strong community. As one of the YouTube trends 2022, it is critical to increasing community engagement. In recent times, well-known YouTubers have also started incorporating “subscribers decide” videos into their daily content. The creators of these videos base their decisions on survey results provided to subscribers. Some examples of popular “subscribers decide” videos are:

  • lSubscribers decide what I wear.
  • lWhat game I play depends on my subscribers.
  • lSubscribers decide what I eat for the next 24 hours.

360° Video

360-degree videos are considered to be one of the most popular YouTube video trends for 2022 on our list. With the help of 360° videos or immerse videos, the audience can use a VR headset or drag the screens to watch the landscape as if they were taking a full circle.

When the 360-degree video first appeared, many thought it would be one of the YouTube video trends. It didn’t gain traction until 2020 when the pandemic made it impossible to do anything. A flood of new 360 content has also emerged as a result of the popularity of VR growing over the past two years.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not every video editing software supports 360-degree editing. Therefore, a lot of YouTubers create these videos using apps like PowerDirector 365, which can easily cut 360-degree videos. After importing a 360 video from your device into the PowerDirector timeline, a 360 editor will appear where you can add captions, stabilize your footage, and so on.

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Storytelling for Brands

Brand storytelling is another popular YouTube trends 2022 to 2023. People enjoy stories. They are more likely to stick in our minds and trigger action than simple facts or declarative statements. With the help of shared values and experiences, brands that effectively use storytelling connect with their customers. It helps to deliver authenticity as well.

Social Commerce

Over the past few years, many of the top platforms have taken social commerce features very seriously. Social commerce is projected to be a $1.2 trillion industry by 2025, with every network vying for a piece of it.

YouTube is also a contender. The network is constantly developing its possibilities in this new field. As a result of the partnership between Shopify and YouTube announced in July 2022, it will become easier for sellers to manage their products and stores. They’ve even added a new section to the Explore tab to help social shoppers find more relevant content.

Final Thoughts

YouTube trends 2022 ebb and flow just as trends on other social media platforms do. Yes, YouTube is a valuable asset for any digital marketer. The key is to keep track of which trends are rising, which are making waves, and which are fading.

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