If you are passionate to become a YouTuber but don’t want to show your face in the video, you have come to the right place. This article lists some of the best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face. Just go through it now!

Whether you are shy to be on camera or prefer to be not seen on your YouTube videos, you are not alone! You certainly can be a great YouTuber as there are many YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

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Best YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face

Compilation videos

Creating compilation videos is among the ideal YouTube channel ideas without showing your face or voice. As we can see, many successful YouTube channels make videos by compiling footage from other videos and making compilation videos on certain topics.

You can also take memes and content from other social media sites like Reddit and curate them into quality content in the form of videos. One thing you should be careful about is the legalities of using the content.

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Top List Videos

Top list videos on MiniTool Software Ltd channel

Top list videos are a great way to create faceless content on YouTube. It falls into diverse categories. No matter what your interest: movies, video games, music, celebrity gossip, or a combination of all the above.

You can find endless topics to cover in a top list video. Just find your top list, grab some footage and images to match, and have fun reading and reviewing your list! If you are looking for footage websites, check Top 15 Websites to Download Free Stock Footage with No Watermark.

Product Review or Unboxing

If you are working with physical products and enjoy shopping to try new things, this YouTube channel is for you. Product reviews are just what they sound like: buy a product and make a video explaining how they work, how you feel about it, and whether you would recommend it for others to try.

In an unboxing video, you can open a package, see what’s in it, and capture your initial reaction to seeing the product for the first time. You can record just your hands and your commentary while unboxing products. It is pretty simple to produce. You can monetize an unboxing channel or a review channel with YouTube ads later.

Celebrity Spotlight

Celebrities are always trending. You can get in on the news, gossip, and fun by starting your own celebrity spotlight YouTube channel. With celebrities, there is always something new and exciting to cover, so your channel will never have a dull moment or run out of material.

Game streaming or recorded gameplay

This kind of video is also one of the most popular YouTube channel ideas without showing your face. Whether you’re a novice gamer or an expert, starting up a YouTube gaming channel can be a fun way to share your interest and experiences with viewers. To do this, you can record on Twitch, download the streams when you’re done, and edit them with a video editor like MiniTool MovieMaker

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Podcast with a static image

Another great way to make YouTube videos without being on camera is by starting a podcast with just a static image as the visual. This is one of the easiest ways to create YouTube videos because you don’t need to deal with gaming, animation, or any other type of visual elements.

SubReddit Recaps

Reddit is home to a massive amount of funny, weird, creepy, and all-around entertaining content that just waiting for a moment in the spotlight. You can easily compile a collection of posts or comments to share, read and react to on your YouTube channel.


There are so many YouTube channel ideas without showing your face or voice. I do hope this article can inspire you! Do you have any other interesting YouTube channel ideas that dawn on you? Let us know in the comments zone!

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