This post from MiniTool will show users how to see YouTube analytics for other channels free or paid with three options, how to see your YouTube analytics in YouTube Studio, and how they can benefit from this information.

For any YouTuber and publisher, staying unique is necessary, and when you’re trying to expand your channel in a crowded niche or video category, some little competitor research can help your channel expand more quickly.


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How to See YouTube Analytics for Other Channels?

It can be beneficial to develop your own YouTube channel and unique brand to have access to competitive YouTube analytics. YouTube analytics gathers information from rival channels, individual videos, and subscribers.

By researching other channel analytics, you can learn more about the viewer’s interests, the optimum time to broadcast a video, and how to get more involvement from your subscribers.

You can use a third-party YouTube analytics tool to view other YouTube channel analytics, for example, watch time, average watch time, click-through rate, viewer retention, and targeted users. Technically speaking, YouTube Studio does not allow creators to see YouTube analytics for other channels.

Gain More Views and Subscribers with YouTube Channel Analytics
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The following options are there to serve you:

Option 1: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the newest players in the YouTube analytics game and is wildly popular with the YouTuber crowd. Depending on what’s happening and keyword analysis, Buzzsumo generates video ideas for you. You can use this feature to see which of your channel’s videos are the most and least popular, as well as those of other YouTube channels.

Payment plan choices range from free to paid:

  • 10 searchers for free within 30 days
  • $99 per month for low-cost freelancers and small startups
  • $179 per month for small agencies and growing businesses
  • $299 per month for agencies and marketing teams

Option 2: Social Blade

Social Blade is a useful tool if you’re specifically looking for information about subscriber behavior and views. Simply enter your channel’s or your competitors’ names to get statistics on views, subscribers, as well as the channel’s overall ranking in a category. Learn about the activities of your rivals and what they are posting. There are also paid and free payment plans available.

Option 3: Tubular Intelligence

With just a few taps, Tubular can show you what everyone is looking at. By looking at the most popular content and most viewed videos on YouTube, creators can analyze their channels and rivals.

Even better, Tubular can categorize the videos and channels that your subscribers are currently viewing for you. YouTubers must be able to use this fantastic online resource, which is a comprehensive video intelligence platform. Both free and paid payment plans are available.

How to See Your YouTube Analytics in YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio contains all of the information you need about YouTube channel insights. YouTube Studio is a one-stop shop for YouTube analytics, allowing you to see how well a video performs as well as subscribers’ gender and location.

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube Studio

Log in to YouTube Studio and then select the Analytics tab from the left sidebar.

Step 2: See Your YouTube Analytics

You can see a YouTube channel’s overview, audience, content, revenue, and research analytics in the Analytics tab. Additionally, you can see the number of views, watch time, subscribers, and overall earnings for your channel. For more information, simply click on each of the tabs.

Improve Your Video Content with YouTube Analytics

This section will use this information in practice as we figure out how to see YouTube analytics for other channels.

Thanks to its analytics, creators can see what types of video content are successful on YouTube and which ones are major duds. If your rivals are consistently gaining subscribers and attracting thousands of viewers, they must be succeeding to some extent.


Note: Find out which videos are most popular with your target audience and create your own content based on them. Statistics should be used for inspiration only, and credit should be given where appropriate. Avoid copying well-known creators to increase your audience.

Let’s say you’re an art professional with your own YouTube channel, this can give you an idea. When someone discovers a new style of painting on YouTube, other creators can greatly benefit from interacting with the latest comments and reaction videos. You can also go to the publisher’s YouTube analytics to see when it was posted, who viewed it, how long it was watched, and the click-through rate. You can use the specific information provided in this video to gain the inside knowledge you need to create videos inspired by the original designers.

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Are you ready to take your YouTube content to the next level? Try the above three options about YouTube analytics for other channels and expand your YouTube channel today.

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