If you want to know how to gain more views and subscribers with YouTube channel analytics, this article from MiniTool can help you. It will introduce to you 4 useful tips to do this job. You can try these tips right now and hope you can get more views and subscribers after that.

How to get more views and subscribers with YouTube Analytics? Here are 4 great tips for you.

#1. Click-through Rate

Every YouTube Creator Needs to Know about CTR YouTube
Every YouTube Creator Needs to Know about CTR YouTube

If you want to get the information about CTR YouTube, this article is what you need. It will show you what CTR is and what a good CTR is.

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The first tip for you to get more views and subscribers with YouTube channel analytics is the click-through rate. Simply put, your click-through rate is the total number of times someone has clicked on your thumbnail or title. If three people see your video and one chooses to watch it, the click-through rate is essentially of 33.3%.

In the YouTube Studio beta, you can see impressions and click-through rates for the past 28 days by navigating from the dashboard to ” Analytics” and then clicking ” Reviewers”.

You can also find different cards in the YouTube analysis to see the breakdown of click-through rates. For example, if you click on a popular video, it also lists the click-through rates for individual videos.

If you want to know why you should pay attention to click-through rate, there are three key reasons:

1. Every analytics in the YouTube channel will reduce the click-through rate. People must actually click on your thumbnail to see your content before you can get noticed by other analytics such as watchtime, subscribers, comments, and so on.

Viewers judge videos by the thumbnails, just as readers judge books by the covers, so a good first impression is important. Your click-through rate represents the theme, thumbnail or title.

2. The important thing to remember about click-through rates is that it’s not an exact science. People often say that 2% to 10% is a “good” click-through rate, but it’s better to just focus on increasing your click-through rate.

The click-through rate varies from video topic to video topic, and it largely depends on where you are in the recommended videos and search pages. If you’re at the top of a search page, you might have a terrible thumbnail, but the high click-through rate is just because of the prime real estate.

3. Don’t compare your click-through rate to someone else’s. If you look at your click-through rate, the goal is to increase it by one or two percent in 2020 that will drive a lot of traffic.

#2. Audience Retention

YouTube channel analysis can give you an idea of the average viewing duration, but a more accurate measure is the retention rate of individual videos.

To do this, follow this guide:

Step 1: Click YouTube Studio and then click Videos at the left side.

Step 2: Click on the video that you want to investigate.

Step 3: Click Analytics at the right pane and go to Overview at the right side.

Step 4: Find Audience retention here, and then you’ll see the retention of this video.

Audience retention

Move the mouse over the graph and you’ll see audience retention at a point in the video. You can also click on a point and click play. This allows you to see the retention in real time next to the video, giving you clues as to whether it’s going down or up.

If you think watchtime is the ultimate analytics king on YouTube, rather than retention, you should consider that YouTube tends to support content with a retention rate of more than 50%.

So, whether your video is 2 minutes, 4 minutes or 6 minutes, make your content better first to improve the retention, and then start thinking about making longer videos, if that’s what you want to get more watchtime.

#3. Subscribers Gained

Navigate to Creator Studio Classic, click “subscribers”, and then click “YouTube watch page”. This will show you all the videos converted from viewers to subscribers.

There is no analytics tool to track trust, so tracking subscribers gained is the next best thing to do. You need to think about it. Why would people subscribe to your channel if they don’t believe you can entertain, educate, or emotionally influence them?

People who subscribe to your channel from the video watch page will often do so because they have experienced a lightbulb moment — an instinctive, immediate urge to click that button.

#4. Audience Engagement

The last tip for you to get more views and subscribers with YouTube channel analytics is audience engagement. Gaining users through your video is like building trust with your audience. Getting comments, likes and dislikes your videos is another really important aspect of YouTube – building engagement.

YouTube does not track user engagement, but you can use a channel audit tool to do so. You can use it to see which videos are sparking conversations, or whether they are polarized in people’s likes and dislikes.

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Bottom Line

That’s all the tips for you to gain more views and subscribers with YouTube channel analytics. If you have a need, try these methods. Hope this article can help you.

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