This post by MiniTool uTube Downloader compiles a list of the best motorcycle YouTube channels. No matter what type of rider you are, you'll find a motorcycle channel with something you love! Let's begin.

Motorcycle videos go viral on YouTube. Since the launch of the video platform in 2005, videos of “races”, “failures” or “accidents” have been common.

Since then, there has been an explosion of good motorcycle content on YouTube, created by riders, for riders. Plus, you can keep up with the latest motorcycle news, check out new futuristic motorcycles for sale, and learn how to ride them. All you have to do is know where to look.


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1. Chaseontwowheels

Chaseontwowheels is one of the best YouTube motorcycle channels on our list. It is also an amazing channel with tons of motorcycle news every week.

Georgia-based Chase hosts a weekly live vlog in which he and his co-host, Bo, discuss the latest motorcycle news. If you like these in audio form, you can also listen to LIVE Ontwowheels on Spotify.

Chase is also exposed to some of the most advanced motorcycles on the market through its regular YouTube series and First Rides. In their videos, Chase rides some of the newest motorcycles, commentates on the ride, and is photographed by a cameraman and helmet camera.

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2. Motorcyclist Magazine

Motorcyclist Magazine is a part of the history of motorcycles. As one of the top motorcycle YouTube channels on this list, it has amassed about 1 million subscribers.

The magazine has been delivering motorcycle news and reviews to the world since 1912, and its YouTube channel is helping to keep that history alive.

3. Doodle on a Motorcycle

Doodle’s YouTube channel welcomes you by including a video titled “Why I Ride,” rather than big bikes and bravado.

Doodle explains the appeal of wanting to make her immigrant parents proud, as well as the desire to get away from the city and explore nature and solitude.

This desire to escape reality led her to ride her bike on weekends and take long motorcycle road trips. In her videos, Doodle focuses on her motorcycle travels, how to maintain a motorcycle, and other helpful tips for beginning riders.

In addition, Doodle has many videos about being a female motorcycle rider with specific insights and advice for other female riders.

4. Snowcat

Snowcat is mostly about the lighter side of motorcycling. His “Bad Driving Compilations” series is the most popular of his channels.

Also, Snowcat includes product reviews of top motorcycle gear and gadgets and some videos with handy motorcycle DIY tips. Most of his videos are shot with a helmet camera and, as such, sometimes resemble a first-person-shooter video game.

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5. Fully Charged Show

What are your thoughts on the electric vs. gasoline motorcycle debate? If electric motorcycles are more your thing, then this is the YouTube channel for you.

Fully Charged Show is “The world’s number one clean energy and electric vehicle channel.” Host Robert Llewellyn explores the myths surrounding renewable energy and the future of clean energy on a bi-weekly basis.

6. Yammie Noob

According to Yammie Channel’s tagline, “where the Internet and motorcycle culture collide”. This makes a lot of sense.

Yammie’s knowledge of all things motorcycle and his engaging presentation style have made it one of the most-watched motorcycle YouTube channels on the Internet. It is also content for novice and experienced riders.

7. RevZilla

Revzilla is not only one of the world’s largest online retailers of motorcycle gear and products, but it is also one of the best motorcycle channels on YouTube. Their videos range from in-depth product reviews to extensive how-tos on motorcycle riding.

8. RIDE Adventures

Motorcycle adventures can happen in the dirt just as easily as on the road, which is why RIDE Adventures is perfect for any rider interested in the ADV lifestyle.

Hosted by the global Ride Adventures touring company, the channel highlights extraordinary adventures around the world. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced two-wheeled rider, you’ll find a variety of inspiring and educational videos on this channel.

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9. MotoJitsu

MotoJitsu is a motorcycle YouTube channel based in San Diego, California, whose mission is to encourage riders to “prepare, learn, practice to reduce crashes on public roads.” This channel offers an excellent collection of motorcycle training videos covering topics such as body positioning, cornering techniques, and group riding etiquette.


It’s all here! As you can see, no matter what type of riding you like, one of the best motorcycle YouTube channels is for you.

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