Learning in entertainment is always an interesting method for kids to accept, especially online learning by watching videos, which has been a trend. This post from MiniTool uTube Downloader aims to introduce several best educational YouTube channels for kids.

The 6 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Where do you get educational channels for kids on YouTube? Don’t worry. The following part will provide you with the 6 best educational channels on YouTube for kids.

#1. Kids Academy – 679 Thousand Subscribers & 563 Videos

Kids Academy has a great variety of educational materials collected in different albums, covering Social Studies for Kids, Best Kids Songs Collection, American History, Animated Chess Lessons, and so on.

Lots of videos on this channel are quite short, so it’s easier to capture kids’ attention without making them bored. And their colorful videos have funny plots, childlike voiceovers, and popular cartoon characters that keep kids engaged.

If your kids are in preschool, Kids Academy will be your ideal choice for covering all topics of preschool education in its apps, worksheets, and videos.

#2. Blippi– 17.6 Million Subscribers & 634 Videos

This Channel contains live-action videos and animated cartoons mainly hosted by Blippi who try his best to help children understand the world and encourage vocabulary development. Just like kids’ best friends, Blippi leads them to explore the wonderful world and solve their questions.

If your kids are curious about what’s going on around them, Blippi may be the best channel for your kids. Blippi’s contagious curiosity engages your kids in learning adventures that help them both grow and develop.

#3. TED-ED – 18.5 Million Subscribers & 2000 Videos

Why do ants carry leaves? Why do we eat popcorn at the movies? Can zoos save species from extinction? How do airplanes actually fly? TED-ED, home of the signature TED talks, has created short animated educational videos to answer these questions.

However, most videos on this channel may be suitable for preteens and inquisitive younger kids. Kids under 6 years old are difficult to get a clear understanding.

#4. MinutePhysics – 5.65 Million Subscribers & 270 Videos

MinutePhysics, one of the best educational YouTube channels for kids, is created by Henry Reich in 2011. Its videos use whiteboard animation to narrate complex physics-related topics in as simple a way as possible. You may see the following questions or topics on this channel:

  • How many fossils to go an inch?
  • Why do Penrose tiles never repeat?
  • What do atoms really look like?

This channel is principally designed for kids studying in the fourth to sixth grades. If your kids are interested in physics or science, MinutePhysics is worthy to try.

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#5. Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel – 3.79 Million Subscribers & 1500 Videos

This channel is hosted by Jack Hartmann, a 2016 Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner for the CD – Brain Breaks. There are more than 55 albums with 1500 songs for kids on the channel. These songs have a diversity of musical styles from Pop, Hip-Hop, Latin, and Rock.

Some data has proven that music and movement hold a powerful place in kids’ memory. And Jack’s videos engage children with not only great educational content but with cool beats kids love and fun movements.

#6. Genevieve’s Playhouse – 33.2 Million Subscribers & 605 Videos

Genevieve’s Playhouse is a kid-friendly YouTube channel that has made lots of educational videos for kids and toddlers using toys. Your kids can learn counting, basic words, and storytelling skills through this channel. In addition to English, videos are also offered in Spanish, Hindi, and Vietnamese.

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If you are looking for some educational YouTube channels for kids, I believe that you can find the answer from the post. Go to YouTube and follow them now. Let these videos be a source of inspiration for your home studies!

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