What should you do if you need to make a clickbait thumbnail for your YouTube video? Here are 4 useful tips: use high-definition images, keep a good balance between color and brightness, intrigue the text that instigates curiosity, and use emotions. Refer to MiniTool to get more details.

You probably don’t need a well-made YouTube video, but a good thumbnail can make or break your content. Gradually, people started making images that were irrelevant to their content. This is where the clickbait comes in.

Such an image can make YouTube visitors click on a post. This way will generate more video views and more channel traffic. However, people will become angry about false advertising.

Clickbait still works well today. In the long run, this strategy will damage YouTube channels so serious YouTubers users stop using it. If you want to make a clickbait thumbnail on YouTube, here are some points to consider before you do that:

  • Clickbait is not a long-term solution
  • Those who come through clickbait are less social
  • They are bad for building brands
  • YouTube and Google are connected
  • YouTube does not ban clickbait
  • Clickbait is the best option for short-term gains
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How to Make a Clickbait Thumbnail – 4 Tips

Moving from a regular thumbnail to clickbait thumbnail is a very drastic change. If you’re still interested, here’re some tips to help you create them.

#Tip 1: Use High-definition Images

Although the purpose of the clickbait is to manipulate people’s emotions and make the viewers curious, you should still not forget the basics.

Firstly, high-definition images are a necessity. Your YouTube thumbnail should at least have a resolution of 1280 × 720. The higher the resolution, the better the conversion rate.

High-definition images are also very useful for clickbait because they can make your message easier to see. If you don’t provide a good enough resolution to let the viewers see certain elements of the thumbnail, they won’t be hooked.

To ensure that viewers are not disappointed, both the clickbait thumbnail and the video need to be of very high quality. This way, even if you use clickbait in your thumbnail, the viewers won’t be offended.

#Tip 2: Keep a Good Balance between Color and Brightness

The next thing you need to pay attention to is achieving a balance between different elements such as color and brightness.

Art style is also important for thumbnails, which is a rarely mentioned factor. Images have a subconscious effect on the viewers. While this isn’t necessarily part of the clickbait image, it’s still a great way to promote your videos, regardless of the type of thumbnail.

When it comes to choosing photos, video makers can benefit from the psychology of color. If you use the right colors, you can create a certain mood in your audience. This way will give your viewers a positive impression of your video before they click.

#Tip 3: Use Interesting Text

Text can be considered the most important part of the clickbait.

Many YouTubers have successfully built and maintained a brand with it. The text on your clickbait thumbnail should create a dramatic effect and stimulate curiosity. You need to try and uphold your promise. Or it will sooner or later backfire if your texts are really misleading.

#Tip 4: Use Emotions

In addition to the text, emotions are another important reason people click on videos. You can create a response and need for a person to watch your content by using emotional thumbnails. Viewers are simply not interested in things that don’t excite their curiosity.

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Bottom Line

Making a clickbait thumbnail for your YouTube video will help generate more video views and more channel traffic. If you want to learn to create a clickbait thumbnail, refer to the instructions above. Hope they are useful to you.

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