For individuals looking to ditch the cord and opt for cable TV service, Spectrum TV and YouTube TV offerings are popular options for major broadcast networks. This post published on MiniTool Video Converter will give a full comparison of YouTube TV vs Spectrum in different aspects.

Here is a detailed comparison of Spectrum TV vs YouTube TV, broken down by price, channels, picture quality, and value. Read on.

YouTube TV vs Spectrum TV: Price

Both types of cable TV offer a variety of benefits as part of their TV package. Of course, there are no price similarities. However, we need to take a look at which one includes the best benefits and consistency.

There are five package options for YouTube TV: the Base Plan starts at $64.99 a month; the Spanish Plan costs $34.99 a month; the NFL Sunday Ticket + YouTube TV is priced at $299; the NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone + YouTube TV takes $339; and the NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone on YouTube costs $439.

In comparison to YouTube TV, you have three package options in Spectrum TV: the TV Select starts at $59.99 per month; the TV Select + Entertainment View is $71.99 per month; and the TV Select + Sports View + Entertainment View charges $77.99 per month.

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YouTube TV vs Spectrum TV: Channels

For the most part, YouTube TV and Spectrum TV have similar channel lineups. The former provides over 100 top channels, whereas the latter offers over 125 channels. They have a lot of networks in common, yet something is missing.

Spectrum TV provides History and Lifetime that YouTube TV does not have. Both services contain Me TV (a classic network), but only Spectrum contains INSP (a Western network). In addition, Spectrum TV includes A&E and ACC ESPN sports network, while YouTube TV does not include A&E.

One of the little features everyone loves about Spectrum TV is that it provides east-west coast feeds of some channels, therefore, West Coast audiences can watch with East Coast friends at the same time. The feature is only available for Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, Animal Planet, and Discovery. According to recent channel analysis, Spectrum TV lost the Flix channel and YouTube TV lost the Boomerang animation network.

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YouTube TV vs Spectrum TV: Picture Quality

The picture quality on YouTube TV and Spectrum TV is mainly between 720p and 1080p, like most cable channels. These two are nothing special in the term. While YouTube TV makes the resolution simple to view in the on-screen menu, Spectrum TV doesn’t provide such conveniences.

Frustratingly, both YouTube TV and Spectrum TV don’t include any 4K live streaming capabilities in entry-level pricing. Spectrum TV offers on-demand content in 4K mode; however, it requires a Set-Top Box ($9.99/month) or a DVR Box ($8.99/month) for 4K content. YouTube TV, on the other hand, has 4K feeds for $19.99/month.

Furthermore, only fuboTV has default 4K streams. Sometimes, Spectrum TV’s 4k charges look low-resolution than YouTube streams on the mobile version.

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YouTube TV vs Spectrum TV: Value

The entry-level packages and overall channel activity point to Spectrum TV, and those looking for more than just movies and TV shows will find it with YouTube TV. Since YouTube TV is great for fans of live sports and audiences who capture live programming, can subscribe to it.

YouTube TV contains a maximum price, yet it has ESPN Plus which charges $9.99/month, however, unfortunately, there is no Disney package included. Additionally, ESPN Plus, Hulu, and Disney Plus will be available on Spectrum TV on August 22, 2023, according to recent news.

You might not need all of the services, but we anticipate that one of them will be the most appealing to you. YouTube TV offers only three simultaneous streams, whereas Spectrum TV provides unlimited simultaneous streams which is the most amazing feature.

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Final Thoughts

YouTube TV is certainly good for sports fans and Spectrum TV is good for watching movies and TV shows at a cost-effective package with numerous features. With the above YouTube TV vs Spectrum comparison, you can make the right choice for your needs.

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