You can use YouTube TV to watch live TV from channels of major U.S. networks like CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, Fox News, TBS, and ESPN. Recently, Google and WarnerMedia has signed an agreement to allow YouTube subscribers to watch HBO on YouTube TV. You can read this post to learn more information about YouTube TV HBO.

About YouTube TV

YouTube TV, launched on February 28, 2017, is an over-the-top internet television service from America. It offers live TV, on-demand video and cloud-based DVR from more than 70 television networks. As a subsidiary of Google, it is owned by YouTube.

The channels on YouTube TV contains U.S. major network like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, FX, AMC, CNN, Fox News, TBS, Discovery, and ESPN.

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A New Agreement between Google and WarnerMedia

Previously, HBO was not included in YouTube TV. That is you can’t watch HBO on YouTube TV. This has always been the case. But, now, the thing will be changed because there is an agreement between Google and WarnerMedia. This new agreement will bring the prestige network, HBO, to Google’s streaming TV subscription service. Besides, Cinemax is also a part of the deal.

The Influence of This New Agreement on YouTube TV

If you are using YouTube TV, you will be able to get linear and on-demand access to HBO and Cinemax this spring. It is like how you can watch Showtime and NBA League Pass on your YouTube TV.

When this deal is valid, you will be able to watch live show and search for the HBO’s catalog to replay the older teleplay series and films.

However, before this agreement, if you have subscribed to YouTube TV, you have already had the access to some other WarnerMedia networks like TBS, TNT, truTV, CNN, HLN, Turner Classic Movies, Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network. This new deal will not influence the current state of these existing networks.

According to this new deal, YouTube TV will also offer the WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service when it comes into effect in May this year. You need to pay $14.99 a month for HBO Max that collects all the HBO’s offerings as well as movies and TV shows from WarnerMedia like Turner, Warner Bros. TV, and Warner Bros. Pictures.

When YouTube TV HBO Max is available, you will be able to watch The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and the majority of the DC Universe collection. Some other shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and South Park will also be available.

Lori Conkling, global head of partnerships at YouTube TV, has said like this in a press release:

“Our commitment at YouTube TV is to deliver TV to our members how and when they want it … We are thrilled to continue our partnership with WarnerMedia to deliver their family of networks that are popular among our members, as well as introduce HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max to our growing line-up of premium content.”

A week before the new announcement of the agreement between WarnerMedia and Google, The Information has reported that YouTube is considering offering third-party subscriptions to users including YouTube TV subscribers. This action will attract the attention of Amazon and Apple.

According to The Information, Google is going to give its users the ability to sign up for a “wide range of subscription-streaming services run by entertainment companies.” That is, YouTube will enable its users to purchase subscriptions to services from networks like Showtime, HBO, Netflix, CBS All Access, and others if everything goes well.

The Current Situation of YouTube TV

Till now, YouTube has 20 million paid premium subscribers containing the subscribers of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. The subscribers on YouTube TV is 2 million subscribers. According to the report, the growth of YouTube subscribers is about 1 million subscribers within one year.

If you are a new subscriber, you can try YouTube TV free beforehand. You need to pay $49.99 a month for YouTube TV if you need to use it without limits. This is cheaper than AT&T TV Now and Hulu’s basic live TV package. All in all, it is worth subscribing to YouTube TV.

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