YouTube categories are very important for YouTube creators because they can help you get more clicks and make more money from ads. Read this post from MiniTool to get more information about YouTube categories. It shows why YouTube categories are important and how to change YouTube categories.

YouTube Categories Explained

The following part will offer YouTube categories list and their IDs. If you are working with YouTube Data API, category ids will be very useful for you. Category names are also important when you decide category for new uploaded video.

Finding category ids in the latest YouTube video upload dashboard is a tough job. The ids listed here are collected from the old YouTube video upload interface.

YouTube Categories Name

YouTube Categories Detail

YouTube Categories ID

Film & Animation

Film includes new film trailers, movie-related videos, songs and movie scenes.

Animation includes short cartoon stories, animation videos, etc.


Autos & Vehicles

This category includes videos associated with customized vehicles, bikes automobiles technology, cars, and more. It has videos related to Autos and Vehicles.



This category includes videos associated with all kind of songs, music, etc.


Pets & Animals

It includes videos related to pets and animals. The videos can be funny and amazing.



Sports category includes videos all related to sport activities such as sports, coaching, sport game videos, etc.


Travel & Events

This category includes videos for travel places, traveling tips, event tips, event videos, etc.



It includes videos for game reviews, game hacks, game tips, etc.


People & Blogs

It includes videos for things about people, life style, blogs, website promotion, and more.



This category includes comedy videos in different types including short story, animation story, speech, and any funny videos.



As the name suggests, Entertainment category includes videos for entertainment.


News & Politics           

This category includes videos that have content for news or politics.


Howto & Style

This category includes videos which have how to tutorials, style, fashion, style tips, etc.



This category includes videos for education.


Science & Technology 

This category includes videos which have content for Science and Technology.


Nonprofits & Activism

It includes videos on Nonprofits and Activism.


Why Are YouTube Categories Important for YouTube Creators?

It’s important to confirm the right YouTube category for your video.

However, when you search on YouTube and filter, you can’t find the option to sort by video category. Besides, if you click on the trending page, your category options are limited. If you put the video in the right or wrong category, there is no algorithmic boost or penalty.

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However, it is important for advertisers to find the right video to set the video category. Thus, if you want to get more clicks and make more money from those ads, you must get basketball-related ads from your basketball content and put it in the sports category.

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How to Change YouTube Categories?

The following part will show how to change YouTube categories. You can customize and change the video category on YouTube using its settings. Following steps will show you how to do that job.

Step 1: Log into your YouTube account.

Step 2: Click your profile icon and select YouTube Studio.

Step 3: Click Videos from the left pane. Now, check any video and click Edit.

Step 5: Click Category from the drop-down menu. Select new category from list and save changes.

Bottom Line

After reading this post, you should know clearly about YouTube video categories. This post has shown you what the YouTube categories are, why they are important and how to change YouTube categories. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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