If you get a YouTube error saying “Sorry, this video cannot be edited”, what should you do to deal with this issue. If you have no idea, this post from MiniTool is what you need. It will introduce you 2 workable solutions. You can try to check if the previous edit is in progress or delete the current video and re-upload it.

YouTube has an on-site video editor. You can use it to re-edit your videos, add symbols, CARDS, music, etc., and post them on your channel. However, while using it, you might encounter YouTube video editor not working and a YouTube error message appears: Sorry, this video cannot be edited.

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It is a quite annoying issue, but it’s easy to fix. Here are some instructions given below. Follow them and fix the issue now.

What to Do If YouTube Says Video Cannot Be Edited?

Solution 1: Check Video Edit Progress

Once you get the “video cannot be edited” error message, the first solution you can try is to check if the previous edit is in progress.

If the previous edit is still in progress and you try to make a new edit while clicking edit, this usually results in you receiving an error message from YouTube telling you that video cannot be edited.

The first thing you need to do is check if you have recently made any changes to your YouTube video and if the processing is completed. You can only edit the video again once it is fully processed.

Solution 2: Delete and Re-upload the Video

If solution 1 doesn’t work, now you can try to delete the current video and re-upload it. However, doing so also removes all views and states from the video.

It is usually important if you receive any copyright strike that you cannot edit the video. In this case, you might want to make the video private or simply delete and re-upload the edited version. After that, the “video cannot be edited” error should be solved.

It can also be a temporary problem. You might be able to re-edit the video again and the error message would disappear automatically after a week or two. Hence, if this is a temporary issue that affects your account, you can wait a few days after making the video private before you re-edit and re-upload the video.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, this article covers information about how to fix the “video cannot be edited” error. If you are getting the same problem, then this article might help you a lot in order to resolve this problem.

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