New data suggested the most searched topics on YouTube during COVID-19 pandemic. Those topics were very different from previous years. In this post, we will show you what the top YouTube searches were during COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Top YouTube Searches During COVID-19 Pandemic

The most searched keywords on YouTube during COVID-19 pandemic revealed that most YouTube viewers turned to YouTube to study some cooking skills, enhance their self-care and health, search for some fantastic movies to kill time, and look for video-making tutorials to make YouTube videos. Now, read our post and see the most searched keywords on YouTube during COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn cooking

The top YouTube searches were about how to learn cooking. For example, how to make slow-fermented bread. So by the end of March, those YouTube videos about how to achieve a superlative sourdough started to become YouTube viewers’ focus of attention. And cooking tutorials videos on YouTube were also becoming more and more popular at that time throughout the world.

Pay attention to self-care and health

COVID-19 pandemic brought anxiety and uncertainty to everyone in the whole world. So learn how to relive those bad moods also became a hot topic on YouTube. Since March of this year, YouTube viewers began to search on YouTube to do setting-up exercises, relaxation exercises, meditation exercises, yoga and so on.

From those phenomena, we can see that people begin to pay more attention to self-care and health. As the saying goes, the body is the capital of the revolution. Life was so fragile in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. So people turned to YouTube to search for how to invest in self-care and health.

Look for fantastic movies on YouTube

During the blackout period, people had to stay at home and went nowhere to prevent the transmission of the virus. So YouTube viewers merely can engage with each other directly and indirectly by watching YouTube movies.

At that time, most people started to look for movies on YouTube to pass the boring time during COVID-19 pandemic. This leads to Searches about some YouTube movies increased significantly, such as, With Me, Museum Tours, Face Masks, and Dalgona Coffee.

What was even more interesting: participating in a rising coffee-making trend could also make YouTube viewers feel more connected to other people.

Search for ways of making YouTube videos

This year, when pandemic disrupted all of the people’s lives around the world, people were lost in an identity crisis. In the circumstances, people want to make YouTube videos to express their self-identity, such as, who they were, and who they might become. So they started to look for some video-making tutorials on YouTube. In the past year, those kinds of ideos’ volumes were very low.

In addition to this, since March of this year, most searched videos on YouTube during COVID-19 pandemic were different from previous years, such as Gardening, How to Cut Hair, Religious Services, and Video Call Beauty Tips.

To our surprise, these four hot topics above were searched on YouTube almost every day. Those topics exposed YouTube viewers’ real demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bottom Line

After you read this post, you may know the most searched topics on YouTube during COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you can get what you want from our post. If you have any related issues, you can comment on our post to make us know.

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