Soph, a 14-year-old girl, owns nearly one million followers on YouTube by uploading racist and anti-Muslim videos. These videos spread inflammatory messages and violent speeches, which is extremely harmful to children when they watch the video.

YouTube Removes Far-right Creator Soph’s Account

On August 1, YouTube removed a far-right creator Soph’s account after she uploading a video called “Pride and Prejudice” (If you want to create a YouTube video, try MiniTool software – MiniTool Movie Maker). In this video, she shares her opinions about the LGBT community with her followers and encourages her followers to against LGBT people.

Why YouTube Removes Far-right Creator Soph’s Account

It’s said that the video content violates YouTube hate speech policy. Of course, YouTube wouldn’t take down her channel due to this “Pride and Prejudice” video according to Community Guidelines strikes. So why Soph’s account was banned from YouTube?

According to BuzzFeed News, this is not the first time that Soph violates hate speech policy. In this year, she threatened to kill YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Although YouTube demonetized her account and suspend it temporarily, she still keeps her YouTube channel.

In June, for YouTube’s conservative attitude to hate speech on the platform, YouTube was widely blamed for its hate speech policy. Especially the right-wing creator Soph who posted racist and anti-Muslim, and against LGBT community videos.

However, in the same month, YouTube announced new hate speech policies which aimed at cracking down on far-right creator videos including discrimination, segregation or exclusion.

After Soph’s account was taken down, she doesn’t stop posting her characteristic videos. She chooses to upload her videos on BitChute, a video-sharing platform aims to put creators first and they can express their ideas freely.

Something You Need to Know about YouTube Strike

This part will introduce you YouTube strike in detail.

YouTube will remove your channel permanently after your content violates Community Guidelines three times. Whenever the strike is issued, you will receive detailed notifications by email.

When your video content violates Community Guidelines for the first time. You will not receive the first strike but a warning. It only warned you once, the next time you’ll receive a strike.

If your content violates the policy again, you’ll receive the first strike. That means uploading videos, stories, create custom thumbnails or live streams on YouTube will not be allowed. It will last one week. After that, you are able to use full privileges, but your strike still keeps on your account for 90 days.

Within the 90 days period, if you get a second strike, posting content will not be allowed for two weeks. If you follow the rule, and no issues arise, your full privileges will be restored after the two week period.

If you received the third strike in the same 90 day period, your channel will be removed permanently from YouTube.

Therefore, to avoid making a mistake, you should learn about YouTube Community Guidelines to ensure your content follows their policies.

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Obviously, many popular video-sharing platforms always have various problems. YouTube has no exception, it exists many problems, such as racist, conspiracy, fake news, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim and hate speeches.

These issues increase day by day at internet times. To solve this, YouTube continually perfect community policies. Although it’s our right to express ideas freely, to protect kids from some harmful content, make policy and perfect it which offers us a better internet environment.

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