DTube vs YouTube: what are their differences? This post on MiniTool will make a clear comparison between DTube and YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most popular online video-sharing and social media platforms on the internet and has become the most viewed site in 2021 after Google. Users like to share their daily life with their audience. However, some users are now beginning to use another platform that is similar to YouTube called DTube.

But what is DTube? Why are its users seeing it as a YouTube alternative? How is it different? Is DTube better than YouTube? If you want to know these questions, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the answer together.

What Is DTube

DTube, also called Decentralized Tube, is a decentralized video platform launched in July 2016 that encourages users to create video content by enabling them to earn STEEM cryptocurrency. All content is stored on the blockchain whose data is verified among all its members.

As a decentralized video service platform, this means that DTube excludes the deletion of content creator data. Also, video content cannot be censored by anyone outside the DTube community. It offers monetary rewards to users for creating and uploading video content. In addition, not only content creators, but all users can earn rewards for posting, curating, and voting for content on the platform.

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DTube VS YouTube: What Are Their Differences

YouTube vs DTube: what are the detailed differences between DTube and YouTube? Then, we will compare them in many aspects.

1. User Interface

When it comes to DTube vs YouTube, it must not be ignored of their user interface. The user interface of DTube is similar to YouTube. It makes it easy for users to achieve a smooth transition between the two different platforms. Plus, compared to YouTube where you are basically needed to watch non-skippable ads, DTube offers a smooth viewing experience without the interruption of the hassle of watching ads. To some extent, it will make you feel clean and simple.

2. Users Amount

It’s known to all that YouTube gets popular with a large number of users and owns a wide audience. While on DTube, there are not as many users as on YouTube. This means that your videos on DTube have a limited number of hits, even if your videos are engaging. Also, you may not be able to find the videos that you’re looking for.

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3. Search Engine

Another big difference is their search engine. DTube’s search engine is not as powerful as YouTube. Sometimes, users can easily find relevant videos on YouTube using a search term. However, using the same search term on DTube doesn’t work. Obviously, there is room for improvement here, and we’ll see it resolved in the future.

4. Earning Rewards

As a content creator on YouTube, you can earn from advertising revenue and recommended links, view count, and other activities. In fact, DTube doesn’t offer a view count after you upload videos to it. However, everyone can profit from their interactions on DTube, such as likes and comments.

Moreover, on YouTube, creators can monetize their videos as long as they stay on the platform and get traffic, while DTube uploaders stop monetizing their videos after 7 days. After uploading, you can’t delete or edit it anymore and it stays on the web forever.


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Is DTube Better Than YouTube

After reading this comparison above, do you have the answer about whether DTube is better than YouTube? Actually, both of these two platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s hard for me to choose for you. You should make a choice according to your specific needs.

Bottom Line

DTube vs YouTube: which is right for you? This post has told you the difference between them. Hope it will be helpful to you!

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