YouTube and Dailymotion are the two sites most likely to top the search results when it comes to online platforms for watching and uploading videos. So, what’s the difference between them, and which is better? This article will offer a detailed information about Dailymotion vs YouTube. In addition, if you need to download YouTube videos, MiniTool uTube Downloader can help you.

Although YouTube is very popular and used by different people from all over the world, Dailymotion is a strong competitor and growing in popularity. In the battle between Dailymotion and YouTube, you may want to know what is the difference between YouTube and Dailymotion, and which is better.

This article provides a detailed comparison of the two platforms. (Further reading: Is Dailymotion Safe to Use as a Large Video Streaming Site?)

#1. Dailymotion VS YouTube: Quantity & Quality

YouTube Wins in Quantity

Time limits for video uploads are the primary standard on YouTube and Dailymotion. With YouTube, there is no limit to the length of videos you can upload. Dailymotion doesn’t allow videos longer than 60 minutes.

It is estimated that nearly 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This gives YouTube an advantage because it allows users to access fresh content anytime, anywhere.

YouTube tends to have more visitors than Dailymotion. YouTube has about 1 billion monthly visitors, while Dailymotion has about 112 million. As a result, YouTube has been able to categorize different videos in a way that helps it win out. YouTube is superior to Dailymotion in terms of the overall quantity of videos and spectators.

Dailymotion Wins in Quality

It’s true that Dailymotion has lost a lot so far, but it’s not going to be outdone in the battle between YouTube and Dailymotion. Dailymotion makes up for the lack of viewers with video quality.

While it is generally accepted that popular events are more likely to be viewed on YouTube than on Dailymotion, events with better picture quality are more likely to be viewed on Dailymotion. This is because Dailymotion’s interface is slick and therefore provides a better viewing experience than YouTube.

The downside of Dailymotion, however, is that its average upload speed is only 500kbps. Dailymotion stands out by providing unique and qualified video content.

#2. Dailymotion VS YouTube: Categories & Flexibility

YouTube Wins in Categories

There are several other reasons for YouTube’s increase in visitors.

First, it’s because there’s so much diversity on YouTube compared to Dailymotion. In terms of video content categories, YouTube has several categories that Dailymotion doesn’t have. These include cooking, health, science and education.

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Second, there is the issue of monetization. YouTube allows users to make most of their profits from uploaded videos, while Dailymotion does not. YouTube wins by categorizing videos in a favorable way.

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Dailymotion is Better in Flexibility

Uploading a video to YouTube can sometimes cause copyright issues because you can unconsciously use background music without carefully checking who owns it. In addition, if you select a segment from a movie or TV show, it will cause the entire video to be deleted or suspended.

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Instead, it’s a good idea to share videos on Dailymotion because producers are more forgiving and have fewer rights over copyright. In terms of policy, Dailymotion is the winner because it is more tolerant of content uploaded on the platform.

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#3. Dailymotion VS YouTube: Innovation & Tolerance

YouTube Wins in Innovation

If you need to track who’s watching your videos, you’ll find that YouTube’s statistics are more accurate. Another positive difference for YouTube can be attributed to its owner, Google, which makes access to analytics tools like YouTube Insight possible.

These tools are useful for people or groups who want to monitor who are watching their videos. It provides information about how long and how often these videos have been viewed, as well as insights into how to tweak them to get the best content. Unfortunately, Dailymotion does not provide this functionality.

Also, if you like, you can use the YouTube download manager tool to download videos from YouTube and save them on your hard drive for later offline viewing. YouTube has many innovative features, such as 3D video, premium traffic analysis and so on.

Dailymotion Wins in Tolerance

Although Dailymotion and YouTube both have policies that limit uploaded content, some restricted content still appears on these sites. Both sites use filters to filter out restricted content, especially sexually explicit material.

YouTube generally prohibits such content from appearing on its platform, but Dailymotion sets an age threshold so people can still access it by turning it off.

In addition, because Dailymotion’s policies are less strict than YouTube’s (especially when it comes to talking about TV shows), it is censored by content providers, giving it the opportunity to own more content in the future.

Finally, while YouTube is the first choice for many people to play video ads, Dailymotion has a special offer — the “Motionmaker” program. This allows users to compete for recognition and funding on DailyMotion’s home page. The platform has a budget of only $50,000 to allocate 5-10 projects.

Dailymotion has the potential to attract more content providers and a friendlier advertising policy.

#4. Dailymotion VS YouTube: Audience Numbers & Analytics

YouTube Wins in Audience Numbers

YouTube has more than 1 billion users worldwide, making it the world’s largest video platform. Considering that YouTube gets a billion unique visitors a month, YouTube has more users than Dailymotion. In addition, Internet users spend millions of hours a day watching YouTube videos.

Dailymotion, on the other hand, has a much smaller audience. There are about 112 field visits per month. As a result, many artists use YouTube for their publicity because the site has a lot of visitors.

YouTube Wins in Analytics

As we all know, YouTube is owned by Google, which is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Obviously, YouTube also provides a lot of data analysis.

YouTube has integrated analytics tools to help users improve their content. One useful analytics tool that YouTube provides is YouTube Insight. This helps uploaders monitor their audience, whether they are local or international. They can also learn how long and how often viewers watch content. Unfortunately, Dailymotion doesn’t take advantage of these analytical tools.

Bottom Line

As you can see, YouTube and Dailymotion have their pros and cons. So which platform should you use? It depends on the ads, category, price, and other factors that your video needs. If you have any more thoughts on YouTube vs Dailymotion, please let us know in the comments. Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

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