More and more people like to make a video and share it on YouTube for money, interest, or more. However, some people reported that they can’t upload videos to YouTube. What’s the culprit behind this issue? In this post, MiniTool answers the question and show you corresponding solutions.

There are many interesting YouTube videos every day. Photographing a video, editing it, and uploading it to YouTube becomes a part of many people’s life.

However, lots of people report that they can’t upload videos to YouTube. Why does the issue happen? There are 4 possible reasons and you can check which of them leads to this issue.

# 1: Poor Internet Connection

When you can’t upload videos to YouTube, you should check whether the poor internet connection is the culprit.

If you want to test the internet speed, you can go to Google Chrome and search for internet test speed and then click the RUN SPEED TEST button.


After clicking, the testing process begins. In the process, you will see an estimate of the megabits per second your connection. After a few seconds, a window shows you the testing result, including the download speed, upload speed, and a qualitative evaluation of the metric.

the testing result of the internet connection speed

If the testing result shows that your internet connection is slow, please read the post that shows you try to increase upload speed and then try to uplaod your videos to YouTube again.

Tip: You can follow the guide mentioned in the post to check your Wi-fi signal strength.

# 2: Large Size of the Video

If you still can’t upload videos to YouTube after increasing the upload speed, it is possible that the size of your video is too large. So, check the size of your video that you want to upload to YouTube.

Why can’t you upload a large size of video to YouTube? The reason is that there is an upload limit on the platform.

Note that the upload limit is not for every YouTube creators. If your YouTube account has been verified, a YouTube video can be upload to 12 hours long (as much as 128GB); if not, you are supported to upload a video that is 15 minutes or less (as much as 2GB).

If your account has not been verified, in this situation, you have two choices. One is to get your account verified immediately and the detailed tutorial is offered in the following recommended article.

How Long a YouTube Video Can Be? Can You Make It Longer?
How Long a YouTube Video Can Be? Can You Make It Longer?

How long a YouTube video can be? More than 15 minutes or less? This depends on if your YouTube account is verified or not. Read the post to get more details.

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