Many YouTube users reported YouTube sidebar not showing. It is unclear why the issue occurred. This post collects some solutions to the issue. If you are facing the same issue, please give them a try.

YouTube Sidebar Not Showing

The issue “YouTube sidebar missing” has bothered many YouTube users and one user posted the issue on

A few hours ago, the sidebar on the left side of my screen that used to show the library, subscriptions, and trending areas is now gone.

Why is the sidebar gone? The reason is uncertain. But some users said that the YouTube sidebar shows up on the left side of the screens after several minutes. Therefore, wait for several minutes and see if the sidebar shows up again.

If not, there are some fixes to the issue: clear YouTube cache and cookies and other fixes, re-log into the YouTube accounts, etc. The detailed tutorials about these fixes are below. Give them a try.

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Fix 1: Clear YouTube Cache and Cookies

Some YouTube users said that clearing cache and cookies was helpful. So, have a try.

Here is the tutorial on how to clear YouTube cache and cookies on PC. If you are using the YouTube application, please refer to the tutorial on clearing YouTube cache and cookies on mobile phones.

Step 1: Open one browser (here take Google Chrome for example).

Step 2: Open the Google Chrome menu by clicking the three vertical dots at the top-right corner.

Step 3: Select the More tools option from the menu and then select the Clear browsing data option.

click More Tools à Clear browsing data

Step 4: Under the Basic tab, select the time range and browsing history, cookies, and other site data, or cached images and files.

clear YouTube cache and cookies

Step 5: Click Clear data to remove the YouTube cache and cookies.

When the clearing process comes to an end, please go to the YouTube page and see if the sidebar shows up. If it is still missing, try the following fix.

Fix 2: Re-log into Your Account

The tutorial on how to sign out of YouTube on PC is below.

Step 1: Click your avatar on the YouTube page.

Step 2: Click the Sign out option from the popup menu.

choose Sign out

Step 3: Sign in your account again.

Fix 3: Disable or Update Browser Plugins

Disable plugins:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and then access its menu.

Step 2: Click the More tools option and then choose the Extensions option.

Step 3: Switch off the bar for the plugin you want to disable.

diable the browser plugin

Update plugins:

Step 1: Go to chrome://extensions/.

Step 2: Activate the Developer mode at the top right corner and then click the Update button.

upadte plugins on Google Chrome

When the updating process finishes, go to the YouTube page and see if the sidebar appears.

Does YouTube Sidebar Come Back?

Have you gotten your YouTube sidebar back after trying the above fixes? Hope all the mentioned fixes can help you get rid of the issue “YouTube sidebar not showing up”. If you run into the issue on mobile phones, reinstalling the YouTube application could be helpful.

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