This post from MiniTool will inform you of the head-to-head comparison of YouTube Music vs Apple Music, which will help you quickly decide which music streaming service to choose.

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Here is the head-to-head comparison of Apple Music vs YouTube Music, including the interface design, music library, sound quality, compatibility, and popularity.

YouTube Music vs Apple Music: Interface Design

YouTube Music

YouTube Music’s interface design is straightforward, which will take you through the world’s most popular music streaming service. It makes no difference with the YouTube website, red color, and the same interface displayed right up until the time you enter the software. The covers from unsigned musicians, live performances, and random music are the signature design, not available on Apple Music or Spotify.

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Apple Music

Apple Music’s interface design is mostly gray, with a simple layout of the basic feature. The tabs along the top (at the bottom of the mobile app) provide rather easy navigation, including For You, Browser, Library, and Radio. For You is a curated collection of albums, artists, and playlists based on your listening preferences and your most recently played music or albums. The desktop iTunes appears simple, while the mobile app has more personality.

YouTube Music vs Apple Music: Music Library

Apple Music’s catalog contains more than 100 million songs. One of the highlights of this music streaming service is that it integrates with the iTunes library, users can stream a collection of all songs, whether previously purchased through the iTunes Store, ripped from physical CDs, or uploaded to iTunes. They will all show up in the Apple Music library, making it even more flexible.

There is no official record of the number of music accessible to listen to and watch on YouTube Music. However, YouTube Music offers well-organized official albums and live concert videos, along with countless single songs published by YouTubers.

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YouTube Music vs Apple Music: Sound Quality

In terms of the sound quality provided by the mainstream music services, YouTube Music is streamed at 128 kbps, while Apple Music streams at 256 kbps in AAC. If you are a professional musician or artist, the sound quality streamed by YouTube Music may not be suitable for high-demand streaming or commercial use.

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YouTube Music vs Apple Music: Compatibility

As we know, YouTube does not make any kind of hardware or electronic devices, but with YouTube Music, you can install the app on almost any type of mobile phone, tablet, TV, or other smart device.

Apple Music runs on all Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, etc. In addition, it is compatible with some smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echos, Sonos devices, Homepod using Bluetooth connection, and so on.

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YouTube Music vs Apple Music: Popularity

According to the current official statistics, Apple Music owns 100 million paid customers and about 847 million users in the three-month free trial mode globally. On the other hand, YouTube Music has around 30 million subscribers. The number of active users cannot be counted because YouTube is more than just a music streaming service. So, if you are a music lover, Apple Music is a good option; YouTube music is more for those who prefer art to the music itself.

Final Verdict

If you don’t know which music streaming service you should choose, check out the YouTube Music vs Apple Music head-to-head comparison above, including the interface design, music library, sound quality, compatibility, and popularity, to help make a smart decision.

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