Two years ago, YouTube launched a feature “messages” to allow people to share video directly on YouTube. Two years later, YouTube announced that they will remove the chat service (YouTube messages) on YouTube on September 18.

In 2017, YouTube introduced a new way to share videos via direct message on YouTube. After adding chat service for mobile app. Later on, users also can chat on YouTube desktop version.

You can not only share videos with friends and family on YouTube, but also chat on YouTube with friends, invite others to the conversation and so on (To create a video, try using the free video editor MiniTool Movie Maker released by MiniTool).

youtube messages

Now, YouTube explained that they’ve also concentrated on public conversations with updates to comments, posts and stories. Then they have decided to kill YouTube’s native direct messaging feature while they focus on improving public conversations.

Actually, one year ago, YouTube removed send & receive private messages feature. This feature can help you communicate with YouTube creators. According to YouTube, the reason why they cancel this feature is that private messaging was not widely used. Then they can focus on other features and tools.

For the deletion of private messaging, one YouTube user replied that the reason why this feature was not popular was that no one could find the private message tab. Besides, some users think they can’t receive a business inquiry message anymore. Still, there are some people who support this change.

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If you are worried about business inquiry, you can use an alternative feature – Business Inquiry Email.

To use it, you need to add this feature to your channel.

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click on your avatar and select Your Channel option from the pop-up menu.
  3. Choose Customize Channel
  4. Select the About tab in the tool menu.
  5. Under the Details tab, click on Email and input your email address for business inquiries.

To send a business inquiry email to YouTube creators.

  1. Go to the YouTube channel you want to contact.
  2. Click on the About tab in the main interface of their channel.
  3. Tap on View Email Address to contact the creator. If you don’t see this button, that means the creator didn’t provide Business Inquiry Email.
  4. Then you can send an email to the YouTube channel.

However, for the removal of YouTube messages service, most YouTube users are angry about this change, especially young people. They think it’s a horrible idea to get rid of YouTube messages. They say YouTube chat helps them meet their online friends. Some people even say, if YouTube do so, they will be no longer use YouTube app.

Since there are lots of private conversations and interesting talks in YouTube messages, how to keep those memories?

Fortunately, there is a way to help you save chats.

To save your chats in YouTube messages.

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Go to
  3. In the interface of download your data, click on All YouTube data included to choose which data you want to save.
  4. Choose Deselect all in YouTube content options and check Chats Then click OK and select Next step to continue.
  5. In the customize archive format part, you can change the delivery method, export type, file type and archive size. After configuring the archive format, select Create archive.
  6. When your archive is done, you’ll receive an email.
  7. Finally, you can download all of your chats.


YouTube messages bring a lot of fun to people. By this feature, people meet their online friends and share interesting videos with each other. Now, YouTube will shut down messages on September 18. So enjoy YouTube messages in August!

Do you think YouTube should shut down YouTube message? Why or why not? Tell us your answer in the comment bar below.

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