Do you want to get some information about PewDiePie vs T Series LIVE SUB COUNT? MiniTool can help you. It will provide you with the 15 numbers that define the story. Hope you will know more clearly about PewDiePie vs T-Series after reading this article.

T Series vs PewDiePie LIVE SUB COUNT

The battle between PewDiePie and T Series on YouTube has been a roller coaster ride for the past 2019.

Let's look at the 15 numbers that define the story: T Series vs PewDiePie LIVE SUB COUNT.

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#Number 1

T-Series now has 2 million more subscribers than PewDiePie and is on its way to 100 million. The problem with these figures is that they are quickly out of date. If we review the PewDiePie and T-Series subscribers ranks. Where do we start and where do we end? Let's see.

#Number 2

It's fair to use FlareTV as a starting point. Their 24/7 streamer live sub count was the first and is still running today. They started their own stream as early as September 1, 2018.

As for when the game ends. You can choose the last date, PewDiePie is leading, or the date he officially ends his campaign in the video. It was April 28th, and this was where we were going. How many days are there between September 1, 2018 and April 28, 2019? It’s 239.

When you have some fixed dates as a reference point, you can start to enjoy the data.

#Number 3

For example, on September 1, 2018, PewDiePie had 65.76 million users. After 239 days, he had 95.05 million subscribers. A total of 29.29 million new users were added.

#Number 4

For T-Series, they still have a few things to do on September 1, because they have 60.7 million users. But in the end, they had 96.27 million subscribers, adding 36.13 million. In those 239 days.

#Number 5

If you have a set number of days, then you know the total number of subscribers we have acquired during that time.

The next thing to count is the average number of subscribers per day. PewDiePie is adding 123K users every day. T-Series vs PewDiePie: T-Series gains 147K users per day. No matter how you look at it, these numbers are astronomical.

We haven't even started yet. Because everyone is looking at the subscription rate between PewDiePie and T-Series. But what do all subscribers do? They click on the video to watch. What about views?

#Number 6

Forget the millions, the numbers are now billions. PewDiePie's channel started the race with 18.64 billion views, compared to his 21.27 billion. The number of views increased by 2.63 billion. That's the equivalent of one in three people on earth watching PewDiePie.

#Number 7

If you think this is impressive, you haven't seen anything yet. Before the game, T-Series already had 46.89 billion views. Now they have 68.92 billion views -- an increase of 22.03 billion. That's more than PewDiePie's entire channel was viewed in 239 days.

#Number 8

When you boil those numbers down to averages, PewDiePie's channel gets 11 million views a day. T-Series was viewed 92.2 million times. Now, it works out to 3.8 million views per hour, or 1,056 views per second.

#Number 9

Let's take a look at these record-breaking days. PewDiePie's best subscription day was December 1, 2018, when he had 544,000 subscribers. His best viewing day was April 1, when the channel had 25 million views and 308K subscribers.

#Number 10

For T-Series, their best day was December 1, 2018, with 326K subscribers. Their best viewing day was April 18, with 122 million views and 176,000 subscribers.

#Number 11

We can't avoid PewDiePie's, the two diss tracks in the user contest, when it comes to video breaking records. So far, it has had more than 200 million views. Both videos are now PewDiePie's, and are the most popular videos on his entire channel.

#Number 12

As you might expect, T-Series has never addressed subscribers directly by song. Their most popular video at the game is SIMMBA: Aankh Marey, which has been viewed more than 500 million times. But it's by no means the most popular video on their entire channel.

#Number 13

In total, PewDiePie has become the most subscribed channel on YouTube in 2017.

#Number 14

On April 14, 2019, the day T-Series won the title, and they've stayed there ever since.

#Number 15

We know the total number of days, so we know the total number of subscribers and views for both channels in the game. What conversion rate does it give us, how many views per subscriber? PewDiePie has one new user for every 89. 7 views. T-Series generated 654.2 views per subscriber.

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Bottom Line

To sum up, that’s all the information about T Series vs PewDiePie LIVE SUB COUNT. While there's always been competition between the two, there's no denying that both the PewDiePie and T Series are great YouTube channels.

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