Is it illegal to buy subscribers? The obvious answer is yes. It will not only harm your channel, but also cause information leakage and a series of other problems. Want to get more details about this topic, read on. In addition, if you want to download videos from YouTube, MiniTool Video Converter is a good assistant.

Is It Illegal to Buy Subscribers?

Is it illegal to buy subscribers? Of course it is. Buying subscribers helps grow your YouTube channel, but you’d better not.

These are YouTube’s Terms of Service. However, if you are interested in purchasing subscribers, then you may need to read Permissions and Restrictions section 6, which states that you are not allowed to do the following:

Cause or encourage any inaccurate measurements of genuine user engagement with the Service, including by paying people or providing them with incentives to increase a video’s views, likes or dislikes, or to increase a channel’s subscribers, or otherwise manipulate metrics. YouTube’s Terms of Service

So wherever you buy your subscribers from, or they promise that your subscribers are legitimate and will actually watch your content, you end up paying people who are trying to artificially grow your channel and manipulate YouTube’s metrics, which is against Terms of Service.

The buck stops here. YouTube is the gatekeeper, and if they find out what you’ve been doing, your channel is likely to be suspended or terminated.

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Here are the biggest problems when buying YouTube subscribers

Suspicious to Most YouTube Users

From an outsider’s perspective, nothing is more suspicious or obvious than seeing a YouTube channel with 20,000 subscribers get only 100 views per video. Those who know how to promote promotions by buying YouTube subscribers will spot your channel easily.

This, in turn, affects the credibility of your channel, and people will automatically click away rather than spend time watching your videos, no matter how good they are. You will also lose the chance of getting an actual subscriber because no one wants to follow a cheater.

This is the reality of buying YouTube subscribers.

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The Price Is Not Cheap

There are now a number of third-party sites that offer YouTube subscribers in packages.

Some packages cost more than $1, 000 for 200, 000 subscribers. If you want to promote multiple videos on your channel, you have to set aside a sizable budget. Consider that buying subscribers is an ongoing activity because you must do it every time you create and upload a video.

You may not realize that making videos is an expensive activity in itself.

Sensitive Information Might Be Leaked

Many people who buy YouTube subscribers do not realize how dangerous they are. When you buy thousands of YouTube subscribers, you must provide your email address, phone number, credit card details and other sensitive information to third-party providers. All this information is sold on the black market to every online scammer.

Even if you get a lot of subscribers, you’ll have major problems with identity theft, money theft, and other forms of cyber threats.

Could Be Blackmailed

Another threat to buying YouTube subscribers is blackmail. The simple act of buying subscribers is controversial because it violates YouTube’s terms and conditions. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden.

Buying subscribers is a transaction in which you pay for a third-party service that has an actual proof that you are involved in such illegal activity.

If servers want to harm you, they can cause controversy by publishing content online that contains your or your organization’s name. If YouTube finds out, they will automatically ban and suspend your channel. Eventually you’ll have to find another social media platform or simply create a new YouTube account from scratch.

Gain Minimal Brand Loyalty

Buying YouTube subscribers can make people think your videos are good because YouTube subscribers and YouTube views are high. The number of subscribers and views is a good predictor of bragging rights.

However, there are no repeats of actual subscribers watching your videos after you buy them. Even worse, audience participation in your video will be low because they have no real interest in your video. This is probably the biggest reason most social media platforms ban buying subscribers and views.

Most Likely Lose Your YouTube Account

The fact that buying YouTube subscribers is illegal is enough to keep us from using this scam.

Given that Google has an entire division whose sole purpose is to monitor Google and all suspicious activity on Google and YouTube. These employees already know everything, and identifying those who buy subscribers can be one of the easiest monitoring activities. Once your account is tagged, that could mean your YouTube channel is over.

Could Be Fraud

The fact of buying YouTube subscribers from third-party sites is that many of them are just cheating you out of your money.

They don’t just take your money. They also take your information and use it to their advantage. They also make money by selling your information to black-market websites, which use the Dark Web for all sorts of online hacking.

For those who don’t know, the Dark Web is also a haven for terrorists, serial killers and rapists. You really don’t need your sensitive information to be disseminated to that community.

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Bottom Line

Buying YouTube subscribers is a real mistake, and the consequences of this cheating strategy are definitely not worth your time. Instead, do it the right way. Build your brand like any other person or organization and promote your videos on other platforms. Engage your audience and give them a reason to continue to engage your video. Your hard work will pay off.

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