If you are looking for some gaming YouTubers to watch their game review videos, you are in the right place. This article will introduce top 5 popular YouTube gaming channels for you. Besides, if you want to download their videos to watch, try MiniTool uTube Downloader.

If you want to learn more about influential gaming YouTubers, here are the top 15. (Further reading: 12 Popular YouTubers to Look out for in 2020)

#1. PewDiePie

You probably already know PewDiePie, one of the world’s most popular gaming influencers. Currently, he has over 105 million subscribers and all of his videos have been watched more than 25 billion times.

For a while, he was the most influential paying user on YouTube, comparing all niche users to YouTube users. He is still considered one of the most influential gaming YouTubers.

Although he remains influential, his reputation has recently been damaged by videos containing sensitive content. However, you can still expect plenty of information and interesting gaming videos with his expertise and reviews.

#2. Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye is the top Irish gaming influencer, with over 24 million subscribers and 12.9 billion views on YouTube. In addition to his influence in the gaming world, he is also a vlogger and voice actor, which explains his extra income and popularity.

PewDiePie creates fun content at random, while Jacksepticeye is more focused on video and informational reviews of any game. The games he reviews don’t have a specific genre, which is probably why he’s so popular with all gamers of any type of niche.

#3. Sky Does Everything

One of the most popular games played by many game influencers and bloggers is Minecraft. That’s why many influencers choose to make at least one video of the game and even create a full brand of it as Adam’s old channel SkyDoesMinecraft did. He was one of most influential gaming YouTubers on Minecraft. But he stopped making videos on SkyDoesMinecraft for a while.

Now he’s back, and the channel has a new name – Sky Does Everything. Adam explains that he wants to have fun and plays all kinds of different games, FortNite , Red Dead 2, maybe Runescape. Now his channel gets over 11 million subscribers, all of his YouTube videos get more than 3.8 billion views.

#4. SSSniperWolf

You may think most of the gaming influencers would be men, but that’s not the case. There are many successful and highly rated female game influencers and SSSniperWolf is one of them. Her channel currently has over 20.6 million subscribers and over 6.6 billion views. What is her usual theme? Call of Duty.

You can tell from her username that she likes POV shooting games. Look forward to her other videos and vlogs, they are also great as she has such a hilarious and peppy personality!

#5. SeaNanners Gaming Channel

Adam aka SeaNanners is another influential gaming YouTuber. His channel SeaNanners Gaming Channel has over 5 million subscribers and over 2.5 billion views. He’s also a commentator and has collaborated with other gaming influencers and personalities like VanossGaming, Tom Cassell, and Markiplier.

If you enjoy Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto. You’ve come to the right place. These are the top three favorite games of many, so that’s probably why he likes to review any of these three installments.

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Bottom Line

If you want to watch some game review videos, these top 5 gaming YouTubers are your best choices. Their YouTube gaming channels can offer you what you want.

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