If you want to enhance your photography skills, you are reading on the right page. This post by MiniTool uTube Downloader gives you a list of the best photography YouTube channels to help you enjoy shooting beautiful moments in your daily life.

Today, people all over the Internet are more and more active in learning and sharing information. As YouTuber users, we can constantly learn and explore fresh social media knowledge from excellent YouTube channels. The list of the best YouTube photography channels you can’t miss is right here.

Best Photography YouTube Channels (Comprehensive)

1. The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography covers the full range of features from editing tips to creating videos. This is a great all-inclusive channel for those who want to dive into the photography business.

The Art of Photography’s creator provides you with a plethora of photography knowledge, such as advanced photography composition, photo editing with Luminar, photography with the Internet, and so on.

2. Mango Street

Mango Street offers short and focused videos that you will get hooked on in no time. These YouTube videos often attract many views to learning photography for their simple and digestible features.

This great YouTube channel is owned and operated by a couple of professional photographers and their chemistry makes every video enjoyable. It is also a multipurpose channel, including beginner photography, film photography, mobile photography, music video series, etc.

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3. Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker promotes his YouTube Channel as a “philosophical approach to life and capturing light” and his videos make this philosophy clear. If you want to learn more about photography, this is one of the best photography YouTube channels to follow.

Tucker enjoys delving into the “why” of photography. It also includes some outstanding photography tricks and tutorials, filmmaking, and studio portraits.

4. The Slanted Lens

The Slanted Lens is also a fantastic all-around channel for those who want to improve their photography skills. Jay P. Morgan will guide you to view pictures, videos, lighting instructions, and equipment reviews on this channel. Some of the playlists he created are listed below:

  • Camera Basics
  • 360 Degree View Tutorials
  • Lens Comparison
  • High Speed Sync
  • Flash Photography

Best Photography YouTube Channels for Equipment Reviews

Purchasing photographic equipment can be both costly and time-consuming. In particular, you haven’t decided yet what type of video to shoot. The following best photography YouTube channels for gear reviews can guide you in choosing the type of equipment that’s right for you.

5. Kai W

Kai W offers all things related to camera gear reviews. In his videos, there are in-depth, practical, and hands-on camera reviews available. Thanks to his animated narration and passion for videos, you’ll almost feel like you’re watching an interesting TV show. It’s fascinating to watch his videos. You can’t bear leaving when you’re watching this channel.

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6. Jared Polin

Jared Polin is one of the best photography YouTube channels for equipment reviews. He was active long before other YouTube channels. However, his videos and content remain extremely popular. Moreover, Jared’s channel features photojournalism, the best gear, and tips on how to use it.

7. TheCameraStoreTV

This YouTube channel is an excellent resource for those looking for equipment review videos. The hosts, who are based in Canada, use actual experiments to test the newest cameras, lenses, and other devices.

Additionally, they make some great videos with renowned photographers. These are well worth checking out for some extra inspiration.

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Best Photography YouTube Channels for Landscape

There are many brilliant landscape photographers in the world. Not surprisingly, we have a lot to learn from them. Here are the best YouTube photography channels for every level of landscape shooting.

8. Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton is a magical landscape photography instructor whose channel is filled with photography advice and instructional videos, many of them shot in beautiful places. Also, the YouTube channel shows how to take stunning landscape photographs and gives details about a traveling landscape photographer’s daily life.

Here are some of the playlists he created:

  • Camping & Landscape Photography Videos
  • Landscape Photography Videos from Scotland
  • Film Photography
  • Iceland Landscape Photography
  • Hiking & Landscape Photography

9. Mark Denney

Everyone can learn something from watching videos with landscape photographer Mark Denney, regardless of their level of photography experience. This YouTube channel gives viewers the best techniques to shoot wonderful landscape pictures. His videos cover everything from filming to editing.

Mark Denney sometimes takes and edits outdoor adventure photos. And, after seeing these photos, you’ll be driven to take your camera on the road.

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10. AstroBackyard

In recent years, astrophotography is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to try and experience the world of astrophotography, then this channel is for you.

Photographer Trevor Jones explains the whole process of how to do astrophotography. This is all clear in the video he posted.

His tutorial videos on setup, equipment, and post-processing are insightful and engaging. There is no denying that the best YouTube channel for shooting the stars is Astrobackyard.


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By now, you probably know which YouTube photography channels are worth your attention. You can choose from the above list of the best photography YouTube channels. Go and explore now!

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